NBA Power Rankings [Dec. 25th]: Brooklyn on top

NBA Power Rankings following the games on Dec. 25th. The Brooklyn Nets are ranked first as the Milwaukee Bucks drop.

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The NBA has a seven-game schedule on Boxing Day. Ahead of the results of those games, here are the teams that we rank 1st to 10th in the NBA.

As always, the team’s winning percentage counts the most, however, we also put a bit more emphasis on recent form. There are several teams with similar records in the NBA but Brooklyn and Philadelphia each have an eight-game winning streak active that implies they are heading in the right direction.

Top Ten NBA Power Rankings: 10th Edition

You can check out last week’s power rankings here: previous edition.

  1. Brooklyn Nets: 21-12 (+1)
  2. Philadelphia 76ers: 20-12 (+5)
  3. Memphis Grizzlies: 19-10 (-)
  4. Denver Nuggets: 21-11 (+2)
  5. Boston Celtics: 24-10 (-1)
  6. Milwaukee Bucks: 22-11 (-5)
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers: 22-12 (-2)
  8. New Orleans Pelicans: 20-12 (+1)
  9. Los Angeles Clippers: 19-15 (new entrant)
  10. New York Knicks: 18-16 (-2)

Milwaukee Bucks: Former #1 Ranked Team at a Glance

  • Overall record: 22-11
  • Home record: 14-3
  • Away record: 8-8
  • Winning/losing streak: L3
  • Last ten games: 5-5

The Milwaukee Bucks have a three-game losing streak active following the last week of play. They were our No. 1 team last week, however, their stay on top of our power rankings was a short one. The Bucks lost to the Cavaliers, Nets, and Celtics, and all by pretty good spreads. The Bucks did not get much production out of the returning Joe Ingles and it will be interesting to see what happens to his minutes in the future.

Brooklyn Nets: 9-game win streak active

The Brooklyn Nets, a team we tipped as promising prospects to win the Atlantic Division, are the hottest team within our top ten. They, the Nets, currently enjoy an 8-game-winning streak heading into Monday. The Nets have also won 13 of their last 14 games, beating Milwaukee by 18 in their last outing.

Brooklyn Nets: New #1 Ranked Team at a Glance

  • Overall record: 21-12
  • Home record: 12-5
  • Away record: 9-7
  • Winning/losing streak: W8
  • Last ten games: 9-1

Big Games Upcoming: Which Top Teams Play One Another?

According to the ESPN NBA Schedule there’s a big game coming up on Monday. The Brooklyn Nets will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game that features two opposing: the Nets’ winning streak against Cleveland’s 16-3 home record. The LA Clippers will also play the Boston Celtics in a big game on Thursday. Then on Friday, Philadelphia will face the New Orleans Pelicans. Lastly, on Sunday next weekend the Boston Celtics, who have a tough week coming up, will face the Denver Nuggets.

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