NBA Power Rankings [Jan. 1st]: Brooklyn on top

NBA Power Rankings following the games on Jan. 1st. The Brooklyn Nets are ranked first while the Dallas Mavericks are in our top ten.

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It’s our first NBA power rankings of the New Year but our 11th overall. In our rankings, we don’t just sort by best overall record. That is the first consideration but there’s a heavy weight put on what teams have done lately. From that point of view, the Brooklyn Nets, behind 11 straight wins, are the top team in our power rankings again this week. Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks, behind six straight wins, surge into the 9th spot.

Top Ten NBA Power Rankings: 11th Edition

You can check out last week’s power rankings here: previous edition.

  1. Brooklyn Nets: 24-12 (no change)
  2. Philadelphia 76ers: 21-14 (no change)
  3. Denver Nuggets: 24-12 (+1)
  4. Memphis Grizzlies: 23-13 (-1)
  5. Boston Celtics: 26-11 (no change)
  6. Milwaukee Bucks: 23-13 (no change)
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers: 23-14 (no change)
  8. New Orleans Pelicans: 23-13 (no change)
  9. Dallas Mavericks: 21-16 (new entrant)
  10. Los Angeles Clippers: 21-17 (-1)

Brooklyn Nets: 11-game win streak active

The Brooklyn Nets, who are still second in the Eastern Conference behind Boston, are the hottest team within our top ten. They, the Nets, currently enjoy an 11-game winning streak heading into Monday.

Last week, they had a high-quality victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, a win that Brooklyn earned on Cleveland’s home court. The Nets flirted with a loss to Atlanta but managed to squeak out a victory in the game. Overall, three road games turning into three wins was a very good week for the Nets, a team that faces San Antonio on Monday night.

Big Games Upcoming: Which Top Teams Play One Another?

According to the ESPN NBA Schedule, there are quite a few games on tap this week. As for showdowns between two teams that are in our top ten, New Orleans plays Philadelphia on Monday evening. On Thursday, the Boston Celtics will face the Dallas Mavericks and the LA Clippers will face the Denver Nuggets. On Friday, there are a couple of good games as the Brooklyn Nets face New Orleans and Cleveland faces Denver. The Pelicans, who have a very tough schedule this week, will also face Dallas in a Saturday match-up.

We update our power rankings after the results from each Sunday. The list above includes the results from Sunday, January 1st, 2023, and no further. Please, come back this time next week to see how the teams fare in their respective schedules.

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