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NFL Computer Picks, with American Footballers facing off against each other

If you are looking for the latest free NFL Computer Picks for the upcoming season, then you have certainly come to the right place. The reason that they are so popular is that these NFL computer picks take into account all the facts, statistics and figures to give our readers the best free NFL picks that are purely stats-driven, completely unbiased and completely logical projections of the most likely outcomes throughout pre-season, regular-season and postseason. Whether you are simply looking for the most likely winner, the projected number of touchdowns, rushing yards or even the overall NFL score predictions, we will bring you all the stats, facts and predictions you need to do all courtesy of our free NFL computer.

Here's our first NFL Computer Picks for the start of the 2023/24 season.

Moneyline : Chiefs (-275) or Lions (+230)

Computer Pick: Chiefs -7 (+100)

Computer picks are getting more and more accurate and yes with the launch of generative AI we are using the latest methods to show you how well our NFL computer picks works. The NFL season is fast approaching and already we're seeing huge traffic spikes to our free NFL Picks pages as everyone wants to start their planning early.

We offer punters the very best performing NFL computer picks - ones that offer the best value, the highest probabilities so that you can have more confidence when making your best NFL wagers and the leading online sportsbooks.

NFL Computer Picks, with American Footballers facing off against each other

NFL Picks - The Upcoming NFL Schedule

The most recent NFL Offseason has been home to so massive changes that have undoubtedly impacted what we will see throughout the regular season and even the postseason and beyond. There has been a lot of talk in recent years on the NFL expanding the standard 17-game NFL regular-season.

After the agreed expansion of the NFL playoffs, the regular season now includes 17 games per season instead of 16. Will it stop there? Further expansions are always going to be on the cards, but if and when this happens is yet to be seen. With the season starting on the 8th September 2023, the new schedule has been released, with the Lions facing off against the mighty Chiefs.

The 2022-23 NFL Football season was the 103rd - and the Kansas City Chiefs, with the help of NFL star player Harrison Butker kicking the game winning field goal. Though the NFL season not even started our NFL Computer Picks has the Philadelphia Eagles as early favourites, just nudging out the 49ers. The NFL Season is still months away but the NFL schedule has already thrown up some fantastic looking weeks and our NFL Picks team is already hard at work adjusting the algorithms to ensure that our NFL Computer Picks works even better - we're already thinking that both the Eagles, Chiefs and 49ers are looking strong for the NFL playoffs.

NFL Playoff Scores

The NFL season generally comes to an end at the beginning of January - with one week of rest before the start of the National Football League postseason. And the culmination of the postseason - the long-awaited Super Bowl - the biggest sporting event in the US each year is held traditionally on the first Sunday of each February - but could also be the following week, depending on the season length. The venue of the main event changes yearly - with the 2021 event held in Tampa Bay, 2022 in the Sofi Stadium - home stadium of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, 2023 scheduled to take place in State Farm Stadium, Arizona and 2024 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in New Orleans. And you can come on over to to get NFL computer picks for predictions on all the outcomes.

On the Hunt for NFL Predictions

If you are on the lookout for expert NFL picks and expert NFL predictions, then it doesn't get any more expert than our NFL computer picks - for all different types of wagers. Check out our computer's National Football League picks for the upcoming week and take advantage of all of our knowledge before putting your money down on the game.

The Best NFL Expert Picks

No matter who you are and how much you know about the game - every human has the same affliction - bias. People often allow their biases to affect their decisions. A machine hasn't been a Kansas City fan since birth - and cheered them on at every NFL game they have ever played. They don't have posters of Tom Brady on their wall - or have a strange and inexplicable aversion to Aaron Rodgers. Ultimately, where football fans are swayed by emotions and biases, computers aren't. As such, free picks from a computer are objective. If stats and data indicate that the Green Bay Packers will beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - then this is what the computer will advise you to go with - who cares about the emotion and feelings involved!

That is precisely why NFL computer predictions are now being utilised and even relied upon more than the standard tipster.

NFL Computer Picks Against The Spread

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to sports betting is picking NFL winners against the spread. There will be numerous professional handicappers that will sell you their NFL picks against the spread - or you could even try working out the NFL picks against the spread yourself by looking at factors such as:

  • Previous game stats
  • The previous week's scores
  • the teams' rankings
  • NFL Games log
  • Current betting trends
  • Predicted weather conditions
  • Study the line moves

However, this is all time consuming and can be a lot of work. That's why, more than ever, punters are starting to rely on computers doing the work for them - and coming up with a completely stat-focused, unbiased prediction on the upcoming NFL games - not just that night's game but all through the regular season, postseason and, of course, the Super Bowl. However, the computer predictions are only as good as the data. If there are accurate statistics that have significant handicapping measurements - and should the algorithms or formulas be solid then NFL computer picks are as reliable as they come.

Weekly NFL Computer Picks

Here at, our free computer picks are generated and created by a computer algorithm that takes all sorts of data into account - such as recent matchup records, recent team records, injuries, day of the week and even the time of day - and more besides.

NFL Over/Under Picks and Totals

Sometimes, picking out the winning team in a NFL game isn't that easy - and so putting your money on the winners of a football game isn't the best option. In this case, if you still want to place a wager on the game but want to avoid picking the winner, then you can place an over/under totals wager. This means that you aren't taking a side, you are betting on whether the total score of both teams combined will give a final score of over or under the total number of points that have been set by the line maker.

It is this type of wager that makes the whole game thrilling - every single point scored, every touchdown scored - it all adds to the thrill as it can bring you closer to, or pull you further away from winning your wager as they all take the score closer to the points line. So, every single point scored, no matter which team scores it, will matter.

Here at, we preview each NFL season game, giving you our expert analysis and expert picks on the NFL over/under betting market. However many NFL games you're looking to place a bet on, our computer picks will have you covered.

This Week's Moneyline NFL Picks

If you want to look for NFL Moneyline picks then you simply want to bet on the winner - or loser without a spread. If you are a player that strategises betting on the underdog, then these bets can give you very nice profits as underdogs bets can offer great returns. Say, for example in the NFL game, if the Baltimore Ravens are a +10 against the spread v the Kansas City Chiefs, it could be that on a standard Moneyline wager they could be +450 - which means that if you bet $100 standard Moneyline, you would win $450.

NFL Score Predictions

If you do want to predict a score there are several ways to do it - some might argue that which NFL team might be as successfully predicted with the toss of a coin as by any other method, but we think that using a successful formula will offer more chance of a win - taking into account player data, depth chart, weather variations has to be a bit more accurate than closing your eyes and sticking a pin in the winner.

Picking the Right Football Score

Ultimately, a computer pick always has its basis in facts and stats. Finding the best and most likely outcome is simply a question of finding the best mix of data and mathematics. However, you also need to weigh in any handicapping factors that you think are necessary for each NFL game - like how well an offensive lineup will be able to hold up against the pass rush of the opposition's defense - or how strong their star player's passing game currently is. If you can get that perfect mix then you have a better chance of finding edges and advantages that will allow you to exploit the best odds at your chosen sportsbook for each game.

NFL Computer Picks: Player Props 

Another popular form of NFL betting is player prop bets - and these can also be helpful when making fantasy football selections as well. Computer picks are excellent tools for predicting a player's performance as they can look at hundreds, if not thousands of players in all players' performance and run match simulations.

Touchdown Probabilities

The most popular player prop bets markets are touchdown scorers. This might either be betting on the first touchdown scorer or anytime touchdown scorer markets. Whatever the NFL Game there's always going to be touchdowns, so this is a great area to look at for NFL Games.

The NFL picks computer will use all data available to run literally thousands of simulations. By doing this, it will pick out the probability of which player will score the first touchdown and which will score at any time as the game plays out.

NFL Computer Predictions: Projected Player Stats 

Another way to make use of NFL computer picks is to project player stats for the top players in every NFL game. As well as looking at touchdown wagers, punters can also place bets on other player stats markets including total yards passing, rushing, receiving etc. NFL computer picks can even go so far as predicting the expected yards for players across all of these categories.

NFL Computer Picks: Best Bets for NFL Games

With all of these free sports picks available for each game in the season, our computer picks will offer you some of the best bets available. Not only does it generate lots of top game picks, but it also identifies the ones that it likes the most - and those which have the best chance of being successful.

As well as best bets, it also identifies value - so that you can find not just the bets with the best chance of winning, but those that have odds making it an excellent value bet as well. The first step to being a successful bettor is being able to identify value bets that are worth your time and money.

NFL Computer Picks: In-Play Probabilities

Not only can NFL computers come up with excellent NFL picks, but you can also access excellent in-game probabilities that change and react based on all of the action happening on the field.

In-play betting is super popular these days - and is an exciting way to bet on a game as you watch it play out in front of you. So, it's important to be able to access updated picks and probabilities that reflect what the action is dictating, whether you are wagering in Moneyline, against the spread, totals or player props.

How NFL Computer Picks Work

They sound great right? But how do they work? When you look at them it might all seem a little bit confusing. But never fear, as soon as you have finished reading our guide and gotten the hang of them, they will seem very easily accessible. You will be able to read up and be in the very best place to make the most value wagers available. For all the upcoming NFL games we'll be providing free picks so you can see how we're performing.

Computer Picks FAQs

What Are Opening And Closing Odds?

The opening and closing odds are the computer-generated opening and closing lines that will calculate the previous 100 NFL picks, which is made based on the punter wagering $100 on the game. The opening line is the odds that a bookmaker will open with. However, the different bets made and things that happen in the run-up to the game can have quite an effect on the odds, which will fluctuate all the time. The closing odds are the final odds of that bet, which can be very different to the opening odds. When using your best computer picks, it's also vital to pick the right time to place your bet so that you get the best value as well.

Are Computer Picks Better than Expert Picks?

Many people prefer computer picks to expert human picks as they take out bias from the predictions. They also factor in hundreds of stats that are often inaccessible to regular tipsters.

What are NFL Computer Picks?

NFL Computer Picks are predictions for various different bets based around American Football games. Normally picks are offered by professional prediction experts. However with so many stats available and the advent of machine learning and AI, computers can now provide higher statistically accurate picks than humans.

What are the most accurate NFL prediction sites?

Obviously offers an incredibly high level of accuracy, however there are other sites to look at. The team at are really on the ball, and we also suggest looking at local team sites which often have a high level of knowledge of injuries and individual team players forms.

What is the best website for NFL Picks against the spread?

Betting Against The Spread is one of the fastest growing betting trends in America at the moment. The Picks is also one of the few sites that has a dedicated page to betting against the spread.