NFL Best Bets

If you are here, the chances are that you are on the hunt for the NFL best bets out there. So, that's what we bring you here at We aim to provide you with not just the best NFL picks and predictions but also the NFL best bets - for preseason, NFL regular-season, postseason and, of course, the Super Bowl.

Our expert handicappers have spent plenty of time analysing each angle of every NFL game out there to provide you with all the best NFL bets... whether it's Sunday night football, Monday Night football or even Thursday night games.

We bring you the top NFL predictions, free NFL picks and even game previews for games throughout the season. However, we also make sure that we look at each of these possible wagers to see which are the best value bets and which bets we recommend.

Finding the NFL Best Bets Season Long

Each year, there are 256 regular-season games, each team has 3 or 4 preseason games plus the postseason games... which means there are almost 300 games you can wager on every single year. For each of these games, our expert handicappers analyse, preview and make free predictions and picks so that you can play the best wager and make the game even more exciting to watch.

With so many games, there's a lot of data to get through every week - and our experts spend a lot of time working out which teams will win or lose, how players will perform - predicting the point spread and more.

The experts will look at power rankings, watch videos of past games, study stats from the last seven meetings etc so that we offer the best chance of helping you to that big win.

For example, Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Kansas City Chiefs - and Tampa Bay has won the last five meetings... most would bet on the Buccaneers. However, there are numerous other bets you can make that are probably better value - thus better bets than just which team wins overall. Other bets on the game that week might be:

  • Total and over/under bets
  • Point spread bets and handicap bets
  • Futures and outright bets (i.e. conference champion or Super Bowl winner)
  • Prop bets and specials
  • Parlays and accumulator bets
  • Teasers and Pleasers
  • Reverse bets and if bets

Ultimately, the number of bet types out there is never-ending. We could offer picks and tips on everything, but that's not the best course of action. We want to bring you only the best bets.

So, that's what our aim is. We are here to bring you just the best value selection of wagers from the day's NFL action.

Finding the Best NFL Bets Today

Although most games are played on a Sunday, NFL is also played on Monday and Thursday - and each game has vast numbers of markets - every week teams such as the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears etc all get ready for competitive action - and each game will have numerous markets! It's just not possible - or sensible for a bettor to bet on each one of these.

If you try to bet on every game of the season, it is highly unlikely that you will overall turn a profit - and moreover, you might find yourself on the way to a gambling problem.

So, we think that it's important that as a bettor, you don't just have access to expert NFL picks and prediction, but for you to also be aware of which wagers we have more confidence in and which ones we feel represent the best value.

Best NFL Odds

Some types of bets will never have fantastic odds - whilst other bet types generally offer the most value. If, for example, a strong on-form team is playing a weaker team, then we wouldn't recommend a Moneyline bet. Although we may have plenty of confidence in the winner, the bet is highly unlikely to offer any real value - and therefore won't make it to our best bet page.

However, doing a points spread bet on that same game would likely offer you much better value overall. You would get better odds on the New Orleans Saints beating Baltimore Ravens by 5 points compared to the odds you would be offered simply for betting on the New Orleans Saints beating the Baltimore Ravens.

Then there are NFL totals bets which can also offer some great value betting odds and are worth a look.

Ultimately, our experts will be able to provide you with plenty of betting picks and options, but a combination of value NFL odds plus a high confidence rating is a sure-fire way for that bet to make it to our best NFL bets page.

The Best NFL Game Bets Today 

People love the NFL season because each weekend it gives them something to look forward to - and every weekend there are all different games to watch and enjoy. However, this also means that you need to be a little bit more selective about the bets you play. As such, here at, we look through every game, all of the best available for those games and pick the one that we believe to be the very best football bet of the day... as well as an analysis of the data behind the choice and where you can get the best odds.

Choosing the Top Bets for Super Bowl

If you want to place a wager on the most important NFL game of the year, then there's only one out there to consider - the Super Bowl. Because it is the biggest game of the season, the bookies will be fighting for your custom and offer some pretty great odds and deals... with hundreds of betting markets. So, it goes without saying that there will also be plenty of expert picks. It might be the winning team, the scoreline, or props bets on the players. Whether it's NFL totals, parlays, props bets, points spread or more - whatever you can think of - you will find both odds and expert predictions! So, when it's time to get out the popcorn and refreshments for Super Bowl time, simply come over to use here and find out what we think the best NFL Super Bowl bet is from our expert picks.

Comparing Free NFL Picks and Predictions

It is argued by many that the NFL is the best league in the US... it is certainly the most valuable and is enjoyed all over the world. It is no surprise then, that in terms of the overall number of sports bets in the US, it is the NFL that is by far and away the most popular. Undeniably, it isn't the longest sporting season out there - and followers of the NBA are spoiled for choice every single day of the week pretty much all year long - but the NFL is very much a case of quality over quantity.

The fact that there aren't games every day of the week means that NFL lines aren't as movable as the NBA betting lines, which means there is more stability. So, although it may mean that there's less chance of getting a super high-value bet, there's also less chance of getting a bet when the odds are particularly low as well.

Get your Best NFL Picks and Bets Every Day

Here at, we will bring you the best expert NFL picks for every game in the season, come what may. Every day we will have the best predictions on the upcoming games. Even if there is no game that day, you can bet on the best upcoming games. You could even wager on whether you think the Dallas Cowboys will win the division or whether the Buffalo Bills will make it to the playoffs.

Every team, every game, every player offers a great betting opportunity for punters - and the chance to win some money. You don't have to wait for your favorite team to play - as there will be value bets on all games, whether it's the Tennessee Titans playing or the Cleveland Browns in action. Moreover, it is sometimes the games you would be less likely to bet on that offers those value, hidden gem wagers.

Nowadays, betting on the NFL offers bettors more opportunities than it ever has. Back in the early days, you could simply bet on who would win and who would lose - but now it's so much more. Sports betting in the US is growing at a fast rate and more states are starting to legalise NFL and sports betting. This means more sportsbooks moving to the US - which means more competition between the betting sites - which is great news for customers as it means better odds and better deals and promotions on the NFL.

Best NFL Picks Against the Spread Bets

A lot of NFL bettors like to wager on an Against the Spread bet (ATS), which generally gives punters better value than the standard Moneyline bet. The sportsbook will give both teams a specific handicap. As such, if they think that the New York Jets might be able to beat the Washington Football Team by 8 points, then they will offer a line of New York Jets -8.

Our handicapper will then look at the stats and decide whether or not they think the Jets are capable of beating the Washington Football Team by more than eight points, then they would recommend a pick Against the Spread bet of New York Jets -8. Betting Against the Spread is a great alternative to Moneyline bets for unevenly matched games. However, if both teams are pretty even, then a Moneyline wager is going to be decent value.

Best NFL Over/Under Picks

There might also be a good NFL Over/Under betting opportunity - particularly if both teams are pretty evenly matched - and known for either being high scoring or low scoring NFL teams. A bookmaker will give a set number of points and our expert will study data to see whether they think the number of combined points scored will be over or under that line.

An NFL line might be set at around 37.5 - and our experts will then try to predict, looking at form and previous games, if the teams will score 38 points or more combined. The higher or lower that line is will determine the value of odds.

Best NFL Parlay Picks Today

NFL parlay bets can be intimidating for some - especially newer bettors or those a little risk averse - as these are bets that are highly risky but can offer excellent rewards. In order to win any money - all of your predictions would need to come in... and no matter how sure we are of our picks, this is certainly not a given. However, if you do have two highly likely but low-value wagers, then combining them into a parlay can up the value immensely. This means that even placing a small amount of money on this type of bet can still give great rewards. It may add more risk, but the rewards can be worth it!

Best NFL Playoff Predictions

When the NFL regular season ends, it just gets even better for the bettor. Games get even more exciting and the top teams are playing for that big title. This means that there are even better bets out there and even more factors to consider.

Finding the best bet for these games is not just about what bet you make, but when you make it - as odds can fluctuate hourly - especially as the games are getting nearer. So, if we do see a value bet, then we suggest you take it up quickly as the value might not be there for long!

Ultimately, no matter how long you have been betting for - whether you are a fan of the Indianapolis Colts or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we want you to get the best value bets right at your fingertips.