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The popularity of sports betting in the US is growing now, as one state jurisdiction after another moves towards the legalisation of betting on the game - and one of the most popular sports to bet on is NBA basketball. For anyone new to betting on the NBA - whether betting on the NBA playoffs or NBA finals, you may well be looking for NBA picks to help you out your wager in the right place.

Here at, we want to bring you the very best free NBA predictions and free NBA picks so that you get off to the very best start to the NBA season. So, check out ou NBA expert picks and start making your NBA bets today.

NBA Predictions

Whether you consider yourself to be one of the new NBA bettors or one of the expert NBA handicappers, we have free NBA predictions to suit you. As such, we advise that you take advantage of our NBA picks and services before heading over to any online sportsbook and putting your money down. Betting on the NBA involves more than just picking out winning teams. Sports betting is exciting because there are so many different variations. This means that choosing the right bet isn't just about the team you think will win on the night or who you think will play in the NBA finals. You can also bet on points spread bets, parlays, moneyline bets and more.

That's why we look at more than just which teams we think will win. It's not just about Phoenix Suns beating the Milwaukee Bucks -we go deeper. On our website, we start making picks based on the best bets and the most valuable bets. We look at trends and analyze data to give us insight into how the whole game will play out. Here are the different types of NBA betting types that we might give advice and expert NBA Picks on.

Moneyline Bets

During a regular season of the NBA, the most common betting type is Moneyline betting. This is sports betting in its simplest form. You simply look at the league teams that are playing and decide which of those teams you think will win. If there is a clear underdog and favorite, then the odds will reflect this and it doesn't always make for a value NBA bet. However, if it is a tight one, then this is where getting expert picks comes in handy.

For example, if Phoenix Suns were taking on Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, we would look at several factors before deciding who would probably win. Where are they playing? Are they at the Phoenix Suns Arena or Milwaukee Bucks Arena? What happened in previous matchup games? What is the record for each team so far in the season? How many games have been won or lost? Which players have the ability to turn a match? HAs there been a new signing that could change the trend? The expert NBA picks on our site will take into account all of these factors for moneyline wagers.

Spread Betting

Some of our NBA picks today may focus on spread betting. This is the second most popular type of NBA sports bets. This is a little more difficult than moneyline betting as it involves predicting how many points you think a team will win or lose by. So, if the online sportsbook thinks that the Phoenix Suns will beat the Milwaukee Bucks by 7 points, the spread bet would look like this:

Phoenix Suns -7

Milwaukee Bucks +7

Here at, we may well look at the stats and watch the action of previous games and predict that Phoenix Suns will win by eight points. If this is the case, then making the spread bet on Phoenix Suns -7 would be better value than a standard money line bet as you would get better odds and a better return.


This is a simple over and under bet, and doesn't involve predicting which team will win - it involves how many points you think will be scored by both teams in total. Going back to Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks -maybe the online sportsbook thinks the total points scored at the end of the match by both teams will be 200. The sportsbook would set it out as follows:

Phoenix Suns o200 (-110)

Milwaukee Bucks u200 (-110)

You simply decide whether it will be o200 or u200. The names don't reflect who they think will win. This is great if you want to bet on a game that you aren't sure of - but you do think will be either a high scoring or low scoring game. Here at, we make predictions on totals based on previous performances, player form etc.

NBA Playoffs

Every year, millions of fans tune in to watch the NBA playoffs live. The NBA is considered the best basketball league in the world - and the NBA playoffs always attract fans from not just the US, but the rest of the world. The start date is in mid-April and finishes in June. The top team from each conference will be given the number 1 seed, with the worst being given the number 8 seed. The playoff matchups are then decided based on the team's performance in the regular season. The higher the seed, the better chance they have of advancing. Higher seed teams also tend to get home court advantage - which means they play most games on their home court. The matchups are the best out of 7 games.

Betting on NBA Playoff Games

Each playoff game has a higher seed that will go in as favorites to win - and obviously, this will affect the NBA predictions and odds. As such, we would recommend that you check out our NBA playoff predictions to find out what are the best value bets with the best odds so that you can get the best out of betting on the game.

NBA Finals

The Finals are played between the best of the best in July. In the 2021 season, it saw the Phoenix Suns taking on the Milwaukee Bucks in the best of seven series - the first game on Tuesday night on 6th July at Fiserv Forum and the last game on Thursday 22 July at 6 00 pm. The season before saw The LA Lakers win the 2020 NBA Championship Final over the Miami Heat.

The NBA finals are the most hotly anticipated games of the seasons - with every game of the seven being vital. Not only can you enjoy betting on one single game but you can also place bets on the outcome of all seven games.

Out of all the 30 NBA teams that compete during the regular season, the top eight of the Eastern Conference and top eight of the Western Conference teams participate in the NBA playoffs. The winner of each conference playoff will go on to compete in the NBA finals - the best of the West versus the best of the East. The finals - just like the playoffs are played over seven games - and the winner will be awarded the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy - named after the former NBA Commissioner.

The most successful teams in the game are the Lakers and Boston Celtics - tied at 17 league titles each, with the Lakers winning 12 wins in Los Angeles and 5 wins in Minneapolis.

Because the NBA Finals involve the two best teams in the league, many bettors will look for the best NBA picks and predictions before committing to betting on the NBA finals - and that's why you should come over to to get the best free NBA picks out there.

How We Make Our Basketball Sports Picks

Not everyone can make proper and valid picks and predictions on the NBA playoffs or NBA finals. It takes a lot of work and research. Here is how we make our best NBA picks and predictions:

Understand the Teams

If you follow one team - such as the Phoenix Suns, then it's easy to follow what is happening in the one club. However, knowing what is happening in just one NBA team in the NBA season isn't necessarily that helpful. Here, we research all of the teams in-depth to find out all the information you need to know about all the different matchups. This makes it easier to predict how well your team will perform against other teams.

Evaluate Multiple Factors

There are lots of different factors that need to be evaluated when looking at just one NBA game. Every single one of these will affect how well a team performs. This may not be just about form, but also about rivalry or bad blood. This can have a big effect on the outcome of a game.

Predictions Made with Head - Not Heart

Forget about analysing trends etc - many NBA bettors bet with their hearts as opposed to their heads or odds. If the Phoenix Suns are their favorite team, they will bet on them come what may... whether or not that is the right decision. When you read our NBA predictions and picks, we take that factor out of betting. We make predictions using knowledge and research. There are no 'favorites'. One of the most common causes of losing bets is going with personal preference rather than the odds.