Philadelphia 76ers injury out and betting odds

The Philadelphia 76ers have a win total of 51.5 (2023-02-20). We consider the OVER/UNDER for this total and look at their injury situation.

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The Pick: OVER 51.5 wins at odds of -130 (bet365)

The Philadelphia 76ers entered the All-Star break as the second-placed team in the Atlantic Division. They are three games behind the Boston Celtics, a gap that should be difficult to make up. But Philly has a win total of 51.5 (bet365) and they appear to be poised to beat that total this season.

Philadelphia 76ers win-total (bet365): 51.5 (simplified perspective)

  • Current winning rate: 66.67%
  • The winning rate needed for OVER 51.5: 63.41%
  • Difference: 3.26%
  • Simplified conclusion: the 76ers are ahead of their win-total projection

Philadelphia has an overall winning percentage that is above the winning rate that they need in order to beat 51.5. This is also a team that has a really clean depth chart. Joel Embiid and Philadelphia’s entire starting lineup are all active. They have a day-to-day issue with Furkan Korkmaz but you have to think that the 76ers will be at 100% when play resumes.

Philadelphia 76ers: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 12 – 12 on December 8th, 2022
  • Currently: 38 – 19 (overall)
  • Recent form: 26 – 7 since December 8th, 2022
  • Recent winning rate: 78.79%
  • Philadelphia 76ers’ recent form: 15.38% above what they need overall

If Philly loses the Atlantic Division by a few games, then it’s the start of the season that will likely cause that. They had some bad losses early in the campaign. But since December 8th, the 76ers have gone 26-7, winning about 79% of their games. If you take that winning rate and apply it to their remaining games, then Philadelphia should get 19-20 more wins this season.

If you look at the bullet points below, Philadelphia only needs 14 more wins to beat their win total. With 25 games remaining, a record of 14-11 looks very manageable for this talented, in-form, and healthy team. Accordingly, our recommendation is to take the OVER with Philadelphia — they should win more than 51.5 games this season.

Philadelphia 76ers: Looking Ahead

  • Games remaining (regular season): 25
  • Minimum overall record needed for OVER to hit: 52 – 30
  • Summary: Philadelphia needs 14 wins in their remaining schedule to beat their win total

Philadelphia 76ers betting recommendation

  • OVER 51.5 wins this season at -130 (10/13) with bet365
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