Orlando Magic win-total betting: 2023-02-20

The Orlando Magic have a win total of 33.5 (2023-02-20) and are in good health. We consider the OVER/UNDER for this total in this article.

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The Pick: OVER 33.5 wins at odds of 100 (Unibet)

One thing that you could say about the Orlando Magic this season is that their win total keeps going up. As of February 20th, the Orlando Magic have a win total of 33.5 (Unibet). The OVER side of the number is the underdog with Unibet at EVEN odds (+100).

It’s getting to the point in the season where win totals with the sportsbooks are getting more and more likely to be more or less correct. There is greater variance in the preseason win totals, noting that Orlando has already beaten a previous win total of 23.5. Orlando, who has a record of 24-35, still looks like they are going to beat 33.5 wins this season.

Orlando Magic win-total (Unibet): 33.5 (simplified perspective)

  • Current winning rate: 40.68%
  • The winning rate needed for OVER 33.5: 41.46%
  • Difference: -0.78%
  • Simplified conclusion: the Magic are behind their win-total projection

The Magic, who were active near the trade deadline, is a bit behind the pace that they need in order to beat their win total. However, this is a team that came out of the gates this season really sluggish.

They went 5-20 in their first 25 games as it took a while for this team to play as a cohesive unit. That start to the season may end up costing them a chance to make the playoffs because they have been a good enough team since that poor start.

Orlando Magic: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 5 – 20 on December 6th, 2022
  • Currently: 24 – 35 (overall)
  • Recent form: 19 – 15 since December 6th, 2022
  • Recent winning rate: 55.88%
  • Orlando Magic’s recent form: 14.42% above what they need overall

So what do the Magic need to do to win OVER 33.5 games this season? Firstly, let’s look at the shape that the team is in.

The Magic entered the All-Star break with some problems with their depth. Cole Anthony and Jonathan Isaac both had injuries reported on February 14th but they are each day-to-day. The Magic look like they are going to be in great shape following the All-Star break.

For such a young team, you would think that they would have a lot of energy that the veterans won’t have at this late stage of the season. Big things could be expected out of this Orlando team, one that has been underrated for most of the season.

Orlando Magic: Looking Ahead

  • Games remaining (regular season): 23
  • Minimum overall record needed for OVER to hit: 34 – 48
  • Summary: Orlando needs 10 wins in their remaining schedule to beat their win total

The Magic just need to go 10-13 in order to beat a win total of 33.5. What exactly is stopping them? They have shown that even the NBA’s elite need to fear them as the Magic are 3-1 against Boston this season.

A record of 10-13 in Orlando’s remaining games looks very reasonable for this club, one that just might go 13-10. Accordingly, our recommendation is to stick with the OVER with Orlando, which is where we were when we looked at this team earlier this month.

Orlando Magic betting recommendation

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