LA Lakers: Win Total and Injury Report at the break

The LA Lakers have a win total of 40.5 (2023-02-19). We consider the OVER/UNDER for this total and look at LA’s injury situation.

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The Pick: OVER 40.5 wins at odds of -120 (bet365)

The LA Lakers are in the All-Star break as the last-placed team in the tight Pacific Division. Only six games separate first place from last place. Sacramento, the top team in the division, looks quite vulnerable but there are a lot of teams vying for that particular market in the NBA this season.

The Lakers have a win total of 40.5 with bet365, one that looks a little low given the new additions that the team added to their roster. As of yet, they haven’t proven anything and it won’t be long before the number of games available starts to dwindle. LA is going to have to be a new gear after the All-Star break but they seem to have the players that can do it.

LA Lakers win-total (bet365): 40.5 (simplified perspective)

  • Current winning rate: 45.76%
  • The winning rate needed for OVER 40.5: 50.0%
  • Difference: -4.24%
  • Simplified conclusion: the Lakers are well behind their win-total projection

The Lakers are going to come back from the All-Star break in good health and with a deep roster. The problem with this team so far this season has been that LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been injured a lot.

Even when they played in games, they often started the day on the injury report. But with all the upgrades that LA made, the workload should be more distributed and you have to be thinking that LA’s injury problems will be fewer going forward than they were in the past.

LA Lakers: Recent Form Alert

  • Formerly: 19 – 21 on January 8th, 2023
  • Currently: 27 – 32 (overall)
  • Recent form: 8 – 11 since January 8th, 2023
  • Recent winning rate: 42.11%
  • LA Lakers’ recent form: -7.89% compared to what they need overall

LA is an unproven team that looks really good on paper. If the management knows anything about basketball, then there’s no way they aren’t getting to 41-41 this season. LA is one of the teams where you can’t rely on trends and former stats because of all the changes that have been. Our recommendation for this team is to take the OVER at odds of -120.

LA Lakers: Looking Ahead

  • Games remaining (regular season): 23
  • Minimum overall record needed for OVER to hit: 41 – 41
  • Summary: LA needs 14 wins in their remaining schedule to beat their win total

LA Lakers betting recommendation