Who are the favourites to win SBLVIII?

After the NFL Draft, it starts to be easier to predict the outcome of the next season; check the odds

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The NFL is in the offseason since Super Bowl LVII, when the Chiefs beat the Eagles in one of the best Super Bowls of all time (and now the most-watched in history). And the offseason is always a thermometer of the next season, especially after the Free Agency heat and the Draft. Now that those two parts are passed, who are the favourites to win SBLVIII?

As expected the Kansas City Chiefs tops the list of favourites, according to Bet365, with 6.50 odds. The San Francisco 49ers surprisingly appear in second place, with odds of 8.00. And closing the top 3 we have the Buffalo Bills, who were the favourites last year before the start of the season, and the Philadelphia Eagles, both with an odd 9.00.

The Chicago Bears, who had the worst performance last season, landed a couple of great players and appear to have invested in their weaknesses on the draft. Because of that, they are tied for 19th in the list of favourites, with odds of 51.00. The least-favourite team is the Houston Texans, the second-worst team last season, with odds 151.00.


Check out the complete list of the 32 teams and see where they stand and what are the odds for each of them to win the Super Bowl LVIII, which will take place at the Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, on February 11th, 2024.

1.KC Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs6.50
2.SF 49ers 8.00
3.BUF Bills 9.00
 PHI Eagles 9.00
5.CIN Bengals 10.00
6.DAL Cowboys 13.00
 NY Jets 13.00
8.BAL Ravens 21.00
9.LA Chargers 26.00
 DET Lions 26.00
11.JAX Jaguars 36.00
 NO Saints 36.00
13.MIA Dolphins 41.00
 CLE Browns 41.00
 MIN Vikings 41.00
 NY Giants 41.00
 LV Raiders Las Vegas Raiders41.00
 DEN Broncos 41.00
19.CAR Panthers 51.00
 CHI Bears 51.00
 SEA Seahawks 51.00
22.LA Rams 61.00
 GB Packers 61.00
24.NE Patriots 67.00
 WAS Commanders 67.00
 TEN Titans 67.00
27.PIT Steelers 81.00
 IND Colts Indianapolis Colts betting prop81.00
 ATL Falcons 81.00
30.TB Buccaneers 101.00
31.ARI Cardinals Arizona Cardinals151.00
 HOU Texans 151.00
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