Vikings releasing Eric Kendricks

Trying to keep up with salary cap, Minnesota started by terminating the veteran linebacker’s contract

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Every offseason teams struggle with the salary cap in the NFL. And every year teams have to find solutions to follow the rules. Thinking about those solutions, the Minnesota Vikings is releasing today (6) the linebacker Eric Kendricks, who played eight years with the team, since he was drafted, in 2015.

The move saves $9.5 million in Vikings’ salary cap, and for sure the team will restructure some other contracts and terminate others before the free agency starts, next week. Kendricks didn’t have guaranteed money left behind, so the Vikings are all done with the player.

It wasn’t easy for the franchise to part ways with Kendricks. Vikings head coach, Kevin O’Connell, released a statement thanking Kendricks for his services. “During my first year as a head coach, Eric played a critical role as a captain and member of the leadership. It is extremely difficult to start 100 games in this league”, said the coach about his now-former player.

Kendricks was a Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee back in 2020. He wore during many seasons the green dot on his helmet, which indicates he was receiving communication from the bench. Being responsible for call plays inside the field while playing on defense requires a lot of capacity and football IQ. Last year’s draft third-round pick Brian Asamoah should cover Kendricks’ spot if the team chooses not to bring anyone else for the position.

Eric Kendricks

Drafted in 2015, in the second round, with overall pick number 45, Kendricks played his eight seasons in NFL wearing purple, with the Minnesota Vikings. During this time he played in 117 games, and recorded 919 tackles (579 solo and 340 assisted). He also had 15 sacks, four forced fumbles, six recovered fumbles and nine interceptions. He scored two touchdowns so far in his career. The second and final one was memorable.

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