Super Bowl favorites heading into NFL Week 6

Odds posting or the Super Bowl favorites as the Sunday games in Week 6 approach in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills are No. 1.

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The Buffalo Bills lead the Super Bowl favorites as the Sunday games in the NFL approach. They do not have the best record, however, when you are the favorite it usually means that you have taken the most bets. The Bills are 7/2 to win February’s Super Bowl with bet365 sportsbook.

Super Bowl favorites with bet365 (top tier)

  1. Buffalo Bills +350 (7 to 2)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs +600 (6 to 1)
  3. Philadelphia Eagles +700 (7 to 1)
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers +900 (9 to 1)
  5. Green Bay Packers +1400 (14 to 1)
  6. San Francisco 49ers +1400 (14 to 1)
  7. Baltimore Ravens +1400 (14 to 1)
  8. Los Angeles Rams +1800 (18 to 1)

Super Bowl favorites do not necessarily reflect oddsmaker opinion. They generally reflect betting trends. The standings have something to do with things but they don’t determine anything either. In these year-long futures markets, bets on teams can be made almost as soon as the previous Super Bowl ends.

LA Rams should not be among the Super Bowl Favorites

The Los Angeles Rams are the team that would not be on a list of true favorites. They are 2-3 and have not looked good for most of the season. However, when you win one year, you take in a lot of bets for the next year, especially when you keep your quarterback and your coach.

Our Super Bowl favorite is just the team that we have on top of our power rankings. Right now, that is the Buffalo Bills so we’re in agreement with the favorites list above when it comes to the top.

The odds change every week. Injuries to key players can take teams out. For instance, the Miami Dolphins are out at 30 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. They would surely be a lot shorter than that if they did not lose Tua Tagovailoa to concussion protocols.

This is a market we will be watching closely for the balance of the season. Stay tuned, not just for odds posts and commentary, but for value-bet recommendations in our picks section.