Philadelphia Eagles improve to 7-0 in Week 8

The Philadelphia Eagles improved to 7-0 on the NFL season. In Week 8, they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers comfortably.

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The Philadelphia Eagles returned from their bye week in Week 8. They hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers and won an easy one to improve to 7-0 on the season. The final score in the game was Philadelphia 35, Pittsburgh 13. The Steelers fell to 2-6 on the season with the loss.

Jalen Hurts performance recap

Jalen Hurts had a huge game. He was just 19 for 28, however, he did not throw an interception. Furthermore, he connected for four passing touchdowns for a passer rating of 140.6. AJ Brown was the receiver for three of Hurts’ touchdown passes. He had 156 receiving yards on the day.

This was a result that was spot on for our betting preview of the game.

You could probably trump up some stats to support Pittsburgh in Week 8. They have a +10.5 handicap and that would have done the trick last week against the Miami Dolphins. Furthermore, it would have been well more than enough two weeks ago against Tampa Bay.

However, Miami was reigniting Tua Tagovailoa last week and Tampa Bay sucks this season. The last time we saw the Steelers against a team that was good and in form was three weeks against Buffalo. Pitt lost that game by 35 points and will probably lose to Philadelphia by 20 or so.

What’s next for the Eagles?

Chances are good that the Philadelphia Eagles will improve to 9-0 in the next two weeks. They have got the Houston Texans next week, a team that lost in Week 8 and is just 1-5-1 on the season. In Week 10, the Eagles will host the Washington Commanders. Two weeks out, the Eagles look like they will be large favorites in this latter game. However, the Commanders have been playing better in recent weeks.

Looking further down the schedule, there is some serious potential for the Eagles to get to 12-0 this season. After the Commanders, the Eagles have the Colts, the Packers, and the Titans. There is a game against the New York Giants that will come from New York later in the season. At present, that game or one at Dallas looks like the biggest threat to the Eagles’ undefeated season.