Philadelphia @ Chicago: Eagles win NFL Week 15

Philadelphia @ Chicago for Sunday, December 18th, 2022 and quarterback stats. The Bears (now 3-11 this season) lost to the Eagles, who are now 13-1.

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The Chicago Bears, one of a small contingent of teams that are mathematically eliminated from playoff qualification, hosted the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The Eagles, despite not receiving quality play from Jalen Hurts, won the game in a contest that had a final score that was within an unconverted touchdown. The result was Philadelphia 25, Chicago 20.

Game Summary Week 15: Philadelphia vs Chicago

  • Final score: Philadelphia 25, Chicago 20
  • The Bears fell to 3-11
  • The Eagles, with the win, improved to 13-1
  • Jalen Hurts‘s passer rating: 64.6
  • Justin Fields‘s passer rating: 119.5

Eagles @ Bears Sunday: Philly is 13-1

With the loss, the Bears are now 3-11 on the season. They will be playing out a schedule in the weeks ahead against the Buffalo Bills, the Detroit Lions, and the Minnesota Vikings. If the Bears can stay within five points of the Eagles, then there’s a chance that Chicago acts as a spoiler at some point down the stretch.

Meanwhile, the Eagles improved to 13-1 with the 5-point victory. They have improving chances of earning the top seed and the coveted bye through the first round of the NFC playoffs. Only Minnesota can overtake them, however, the chances of that happening are slim. At this point, the Eagles are the presumptive No. 1 seed in the NFC and it will be interesting to see if they go into coast mode in any of their games in the weeks ahead.

Jalen Hurts passes for 315 yards

The winning quarterback in the game was Jalen Hurts of Philadelphia. He had 315 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 0 to 2. Hurts, who did not play well, had a passer rating of 64.6.

The losing quarterback in the game was Justin Fields of Chicago. He had 152 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 2 to 0. Fields, who is best known as a rushing quarterback, finished the game with a solid passer rating of 119.5.

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