OBJ will wear no. 3

The new Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver signed his contract and met with the media today in a press conference

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One of the biggest moves from the NFL Free Agency so far was, hands down, the signing of Odell Beckham Jr. by the Baltimore Ravens. Today the player signed his contract in the teams’ facilities and met t with the media in a press conference. But one of the answers this event brought was the jersey number he will pick. OBJ will wear the no. 3.

Just like he did in Los Angeles, before getting injured in the Super Bowl LVI, he chose to keep wearing the number 3. When he was drafted, in 2014, wide receivers were only allowed to wear numbers between 10-19 and 80-89. Because of that, he wore the no. 13 jersey in the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.

The rules for the jersey numbers changed in 2020. So, in 2021, when he signed with the Rams mid-season, he cut the no. 1 out of his jersey, keeping only the 3. Now that players are also allowed to wear the no. 0 in the league, there were rumors OBJ could choose the new option, but he ended up sticking with the old one.

Other subjects

Other than showing his number, his encounter with the media today approached other subjects. One of them was whether or not the Ravens are the underdogs for the next season. OBJ answered that “I’ve been the underdog my whole life… That excites me.” He also sent a message to Lamar Jackson, who is still unsure about his future.

“Life is uncertain. I would assume that this is going to work out. I have that faith, that hope. Lamar, if you’re watching, you know, I would love to get to work with you. I’ll talk to these guys over here and hopefully that gets done. I think when you think about the Ravens you definitely think about Lamar”, he said, asking for Lamar Jackson to stay in Baltimore.

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