NFL Week 3 Betting – No Heavy Favorites

NFL Week 3 betting will start picking up soon. There are no heavy favorites around the league as the Chargers at -7 have the biggest spread.

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What exactly makes a favorite a “heavy favorite” in an NFL game could be debated. However, a good starting point for designating a favorite as a “heavy favorite” would be for a team favored to win by more than eight points. That would make a team a two-possession favorite since eight points are the maximum that can be scored in one possession in American football.

NFL Week 3 Betting: LA Chargers at -7 the biggest spread

From this point of view, the early-week odds have no heavy favorites as of Wednesday morning with bet365 sportsbook. The biggest favorite to start the week is the Los Angeles Chargers. They have opened at -7 with both bet365 and Unibet sportsbooks as they prepare to face the tricky Jacksonville Jaguars. The latter, of course, would be the biggest underdog of the week.

Both teams are 1-1 on the season. The Chargers, for their part, played well in front of a national audience in Week 2. Last Thursday, they almost beat the Kansas City Chiefs but lost in part due to a 99-yard pick-six. It was an interception that drastically changed the complexion of the Thursday night game.

But otherwise, the biggest handicap that is available is the one on the Indianapolis Colts. They are +6.5 against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Colts are coming off of a 24-0 loss to the Jaguars in Week 2 so they certainly have something to sort out if they are going to stay tight with KC.

Very commonly, there are just +1.0 to +3.5 handicaps available for the games that are scheduled to be played. Nine of the sixteen games scheduled for Week 3 are in that range. NFL fans can only be expecting closely contested games for the most part. The Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet with GB at +1.5. That’s the lowest handicap, tied with the Denver Broncos at +1.5 as they travel to face the San Francisco 49ers.

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