NFL Week 16 Results: Tampa Bay's playoff chances

NFL Week 16 Results for Sunday, December 25th, 2022, and QB stats. The Cardinals (now 4-11) lost to the Buccaneers, who are now 7-8.

The Arizona Cardinals, a team that was eliminated from playoff contention, hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. The Buccaneers, who needed a victory on Sunday to improve their chances of making the postseason, won in a contest that had a final score that was within a field goal. The result was Tampa Bay 19, and Arizona 16 (OT).

Game Summary Week 16: Tampa Bay vs Arizona

  • Final score: Tampa Bay 19, Arizona 16 (OT)
  • The Cardinals fell to 4-11
  • The Buccaneers, with the win, improved to 7-8
  • Tom Brady's passer rating: 71.6
  • Trace McSorley's passer rating: 57.4

Buccaneers @ Cardinals Sunday:

With the loss, the Cardinals are now 4-11 on the season. Trace McSorley of the Cardinals was the losing quarterback in the game. He had 217 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 0 to 1. McSorley, Arizona's third-string quarterback, finished the game with a passer rating of 57.4.

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers improved to 7-8 with the 3-point victory. Despite the losing record, they have excellent prospects of making the postseason. calculates a 70% chance of making it into the playoffs as they lead their division, the NFC South. If Tampa Bay beats Carolina next week, the Bucs would clinch a playoff spot. If the Bucs lose that game, one that TB hosts, then their chances would fall to 33% with the same source.

Tom Brady passes for 281 yards

Tom Brady of the Buccaneers was the winning quarterback in the game. He had 281 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 1 to 2. Brady had a passer rating of 71.6, which was not great.

While the Bucs look like they might back into the playoffs by virtue of winning a weak division, they appear unlikely to go on any kind of extended run. They would have a first-round home game if they qualify for the postseason but they are likely to underdogs in any games that follow.