NFL Power Rankings Week 9 – Buffalo Bills tops

The Buffalo Bills remain the top team in our Top Ten NFL Power Rankings following a win over the Packers in Week 8.

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Week 8 is over following Monday night football where the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Cleveland Browns. That means that everyone can start posting their reviews of the top teams in the NFL with full knowledge of all the results. The Bengals were a team that was in our Top Ten NFL Power Rankings last week, however, the loss to Cleveland does drop Cincinnati out. Tennessee and Seattle are two teams we moved into our Top Ten.

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Top Ten NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

  1. Buffalo Bills 6-1
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 7-0
  3. Minnesota Vikings 6-1 (+1)
  4. Dallas Cowboys 6-2 (+2)
  5. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2
  6. New York Giants 6-2 (-3)
  7. Miami Dolphins 5-3 (+1)
  8. Baltimore Ravens 5-3 (+2)
  9. Tennessee Titans 5-2 (not rated)
  10. Seattle Seahawks 5-3 (not rated)

Teams that we moved out of the Top Ten

The New York Jets and the Cincinnati Bengals were the two teams that we moved out of our Top Ten. The Jets took a home loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. That’s a tough result for a team to take and still remain high in power rankings with just a 5-3 record. Furthermore, the Jets lost Breece Hall entering the week and New York might look bad from here on out.

A large-spread loss to a team to was just 2-5 didn’t help the Bengals’ cause. Interestingly enough, their Week 9 game is OTB with bet365. That means it’s “off the board” for betting. That probably means that the sportsbook wants to gage Cincy’s injury situation before letting bettors have at their betting lines.

It has been a little while since the NFL schedule has had a great showdown between two awesome teams. In Week 9, there is only one game between two teams in our Top Ten. The Tennessee Titans, who are 5-2, will face the KC Chiefs on Sunday night in the stand-alone game for that evening. The Chiefs are coming off of a bye and they are large favorites for the game with bet365 at -12.5.