NFL Power Rankings Week 11 – Minnesota Vikings

NFL Power Rankings heading into NFL Week 11. The Philadelphia Eagles one-week stay atop our rankings is over.

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The Philadelphia Eagles stayed at the top of our Top Ten NFL Power Rankings for all of one week. The Eagles lost on Monday night football, 32-21, to the Washington Commanders. The score in the game is a little misleading as the Commanders scored a defensive touchdown on the final play of the game when the Eagles were attempting desperation laterals.

When you are the top-ranked team and lose to a team with a losing record on your own turf, then you are tumbling down the rankings the next week. Here are our power rankings heading into Week 11 with Minnesota taking over the top spot. Our justification follows for our top picks.

Top Ten NFL Power Rankings Week 11

  1. Minnesota Vikings 8-1 (+1)
  2. Miami Dolphins 7-3 (+2)
  3. Philadelphia Eagles 8-1 (-2)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs 7-2 (+3)
  5. Buffalo Bills 6-3 (-2)
  6. New York Giants 7-2 (+2)
  7. New York Jets 6-3 (-1)
  8. Baltimore Ravens 6-3 (+1)
  9. Dallas Cowboys 6-3 (-4)
  10. Tennessee Titans 6-3 (new entrant)

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The team that we dropped out of our top ten was the Seattle Seahawks. They lost the Munich game to Tampa Bay, a team that had a losing record heading into the game.

Why we took Minnesota as our top team

The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, a game that Buffalo hosted. It’s the team’s signature win of the season because most don’t count the victory over Miami since Tagovailoa was out.

The only loss the Vikings suffered this season so far was to Philadelphia. You could make the case that the Eagles should still be the No. 1 team in the league because of that result. However, that was a game that Philly hosted. Minnesota losing on the road to Philly is less discrediting than the Eagles losing to unranked Washington in a home game. Minnesota and Philly each have one loss on the season but Philadelphia’s is a worse loss.

The Miami Dolphins as our No. 2 might need some explanation. The three losses that the Dolphins took were all in games where they were missing Tua Tagovailoa, in whole or in part. They are 7-0 in games where he takes all of their snaps, Miami beat both Buffalo and Baltimore this season, and the Dolphins really did a number on a well-rested Cleveland team in Week 10.

Minnesota faces Dallas next week

Looking ahead to Week 11, the big showdown game will be between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota. Will Minnesota defend home turf or will a loss open the door for the Dolphins to get back to No. 1?