NFL players can now wear no. 0

The league owners voted and decided to allow a new number into the roster; college football allows it since 2020

We brought here yesterday some rules change proposals on the NFL that would be voted on by the league owners at the Annual Meeting. Among the proposals, one was approved this afternoon. NFL players can now wear the no. 0 on their jerseys. The numbers 0 and 00 were removed from the league in 1973 but now they are back.

This means that the chart we showed yesterday with the numbers each position is allowed to wear needs to be updated. However, this change is not for everybody. Offensive and defensive linemen can not wear the no. 0 and have to keep their choices within the current number chunks. This is the updated table.

PositionPrior 2020After 2020Starting 2023
K and P1-191-190-49 and 90-99
RBs20-191-49 and 80-890-49 and 80-89
WRs10-19 and 80-891-49 and 80-890-49 and 80-89
TEs40-49 and 80-891-49 and 80-890-49 and 80-89
DLs50-79 and 90-9950-79 and 90-9950-79 and 90-99
LBs40-59 and 90-991-59 and 90-990-59 and 90-99

As you can see in the updated chart, another big change is in the kickers and punters numbers. Previously they were only allowed to wear numbers between 1-19. Now, besides adding the 0 to the options, they can also choose numbers between 20-49 and 90-99, just like it is in college football.

Speaking of college football, the no. 0 was introduced by the NCAA in 2020. That means so far we didn’t have enough time for players wearing the number in college to make history in the NFL.

Players wearing 0

One of the first players in the league to express excitement with the new number available is WR Calvin Ridley. The former Atlanta Falcons will finally come back to the field next season after being suspended by the NFL, in a new team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. And apparently, he will wear the no. 0.

Since the news is quite recent in college, not many players had time to wear the number before joining the league. But that doesn’t mean nobody did. Ravens WR Rashod Bateman wore the no. 0 jersey for a bit during his time at the University of Minnesota. He also wore the no. 13 before that. Who else would you like to see wearing the number?