NFL Passing Yards Leaders Week 8 – Patrick Mahomes

NFL Passing Yards Leaders heading into Week 8: Patrick Mahomes is the leader but Josh Allen in the betting favorite.

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Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is on top of the NFL Passing Yards Leaders as the start of Week 8 nears. However, at this point in the season, some quarterbacks have more games remaining in their schedule than others due to byes. Games remaining and total passing yards have to be looked at in conjunction with one another at the middle stages of the season.

Below, you will find the passing yards leaders in the NFL with the number of games they have remaining in their team’s schedule. Later in this article, we post the betting odds for the top-five favorites.

NFL Passing Yards Leaders starting Week 8

  1. Patrick Mahomes 2159 yards (10 games remaining)
  2. Joe Burrow 2097 yards (10 games remaining)
  3. Justin Herbert 2009 yards (10 games remaining)
  4. Matt Ryan 2008 yards (10 games remaining)
  5. Josh Allen 1980 yards (11 games remaining)

There are a couple of points worth mentioning regarding the top-five leaders. Firstly, Josh Allen has the game at hand. He also leads the NFL in passing yards per game. That has clearly factored into making him the betting favorite in this market.

Another point that’s worth discussing is that Matt Ryan’s total might not budge much. The news out of Indianapolis is that they are not interested in playing Ryan any further this season. Sam Ehlinger is reportedly the starting quarterback going forward, a development that basically ends Ryan’s chances in this race.

NFL Betting Favorites – Passing Yards

  1. Josh Allen 5/2 (+250)
  2. Patrick Mahomes 4/1 (+400)
  3. Joe Burrow 9/2 (+450)
  4. Justin Herbert 8/1 (+800)
  5. Matt Ryan 9/1 (+900)

Matt Ryan no longer belongs in the betting favorites. There is some question about the possibility that Ryan’s career is actually over. The prospects of him going from where he is now to leading the league in passing yards are much longer than 9 to 1.

The scene became even more notable on Monday, when Colts coach Frank Reich announced Ryan had sustained a Grade 2 separated shoulder and the Colts would be making a move to backup quarterback Sam Ehlinger for the rest of the season. Reich said the move would have been made regardless of the injury.

Will this prove to be the final scene of Ryan’s career? A 15-year veteran with the seventh-most passing yards in NFL history sitting silently in a losing locker room with an aching shoulder?

Stephen Holder at ESPN on October 24th, 2022

This looks like a pretty stagnant market for the time being. We’ll stand pat for tips on this market this week, noting that we tipped Allen before it was cool when we looked at this market back on September 21st.

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