NFL Interceptions Leaders – Matthew Stafford Worst Offender

Matthew Stafford lead the league in interceptions last year. Is he on his way to doing it again this year in the NFL?

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Last week, we looked at the NFL interceptions leaders. This is a betting market and topic we will be visiting almost weekly throughout the NFL season. Here’s a summary of what we published last week:

Justin Fields is the betting favorite to throw the most interceptions according to one sportsbook. However, Matthew Stafford is portrayed as the true favorite.

September 14th, 2022

Matthew Staff and Justin Fields are co-favorites

Not a lot has changed over the last week. Justin Fields is still 9 to 1 to lead the league in interceptions. However, he is no longer the outright favorite for INTs. He now shares the designation of “favorite” with co-favorite Matthew Stafford. Here’s a look at the odds for the Top 5 favorites in the “Most Regular Seasons Interceptions Thrown” category with bet365.

  1. Justin Fields +900
  2. Matthew Stafford +900
  3. Jameis Winston +1100
  4. Joe Burrow +1100
  5. Trevor Lawrence +1400

As food for thought and for points of comparison, here are the players that are actually leading the NFL in interceptions.

  1. Matthew Stafford (5)
  2. Matt Ryan (4)
  3. Joe Burrow (4)
  4. Kirk Cousins (3)
  5. Derek Carr (3)
  6. Carson Wentz (3)

Justin Fields has two INTs on the season. His status as a co-favorite is partly based on his reputation from last season. Furthermore, Fields has a high percentage of INTs based on pass volume. However, Fields does not actually pass that much relative to all starting quarterbacks. His penchant for interceptions is, in fact, adjusted for by the Chicago Bears’ coaching.

Fields only has 28 passing attempts on the season, the lowest among all QBs that have started two games this season. That Chicago runs the ball like there is no tomorrow is a good reason to avoid Fields in the INT market. He probably won’t be the co-favorite for long.

Betting Recommendation: Matthew Stafford throws the most INTs

But that Matthew Stafford….didn’t he lead the league in INTs last year? Maybe not outright but he shared the distinction with Trevor Lawrence, a player who only has one so far this season. Isn’t Stafford going to take a ton of snaps this year unless he gets injured?

If you are opening betting in the INT market for the current season, Stafford remains the player to open with. Joe Burrow isn’t, if you’ll pardon the pun, a bad pick at this point but Burrow calmed down last year after a bad start. Take Stafford.

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