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The league released today the results of the annual laboratory research showing the best helmets for the players

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Year after year the NFL always ends up facing the same problem: head injuries. Throughout the season there are various cases of concussions across the league. That is one reason the NFL conducts annual helmet tests to see which one is more appropriate to avoid these injuries and this year’s research results are up.

As the main result of 2023 research, we have the creation of a quarterback-specific helmet. The VICIS ZERO2 MATRIX QB will be available starting this season and according to the test results, it is the best option to avoid QB concussions.

The studies show that half of quarterback concussions (or even just the head impacts) happen because of the impact head-to-ground. This specific helmet performed 7% better than the others on these specific types of impacts compared to the most common QB-worn helmets in the league. Check what Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications, public affairs and policy said about this.

“The thing that distinguishes quarterbacks and their concussions is they have a disproportionate number of head-to-ground impacts that cause concussions. This past year we had an increase in the number of quarterback concussions, and it was the same helmet-to-ground dynamic. Many people would say it’s because quarterbacks are scrambling more often, but we didn’t see that. It was still the quarterback in the pocket, getting hit and the head hitting the ground as they were holding onto the ball. Helmets customized to the unique experiences of a position group promotes player safety. This is the next evolution in a rapidly advancing market for improved helmets. We’re proud to share the data necessary to design and build better equipment.”


The NFL released the whole study results on the “NFL Player Health & Safety” website. There you can find details of the results and conclusions. And to summarize, you can find here the list of the helmets available for the players, starting from the most recommended ones all the way down to the prohibited ones.

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