Minnesota @ Green Bay: Packers win NFL Week 17

Minnesota @ Green Bay for Sunday, January 1st, 2023, and QB stats. The Vikings (now 12-4) lost to the Packers, who are now 8-8.

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The Green Bay Packers, a team that was in a desperate search for answers just weeks ago, hosted the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. The Packers, in a game that was not competitive, defeated the Vikings in a Sunday afternoon result. The final score was Minnesota 17, and Green Bay 41 as the latter took control of their playoff destiny.

Game Summary Week 17: Minnesota vs Green Bay

  • Final score: Minnesota 17, Green Bay 41
  • The Vikings fell to 12-4
  • The Packers, with the win, improved to 8-8
  • Aaron Rodgers‘s passer rating: 95.7
  • Kirk Cousins‘s passer rating: 49.2

Aaron Rodgers threw for 159 yards in the game

Aaron Rodgers of the Packers was the winning quarterback in the game. He had 159 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 1 to 0. Rodgers had a passer rating of 95.7, which was not his best performance of the season. However, the blowout victory meant that the Packers did not have to go full throttle for the whole contest.

Kirk Cousins of the Vikings was the losing quarterback in the game. He had 205 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 1 to 3. Cousins had a passer rating of 49.2 in what was the worst statistical performance of his season from a passer rating perspective.

Vikings @ Packers Sunday: Packers control destiny

With the loss, the Vikings are now 12-4 on the season. They now have the same record as the San Francisco 49ers, a team who was victorious in Week 17. Minnesota is no longer positioned to contend for the first-round bye in their conference. They are increasingly looking like the No. 3 seed in the NFC, however, they could still get up to No. 2. Conversely, they cannot drop down to No. 4, which will belong to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Meanwhile, the Packers improved to 8-8 with the 24-point victory. The Packers are now in control of their own destiny: if they defeat the Detroit Lions in Week 18, Green Bay will make the playoffs.

That seemed to be unthinkable about a month ago, however, the Packers took a never-say-die attitude toward their season. They and Detroit are in a quasi-playoff game in Week 18, although in Detroit’s case they need to win and hope for other results.

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