Miami @ Buffalo: Bills win NFL Wild Card Weekend 2023

Miami @ Buffalo for Sunday, January 15th, 2023, and QB stats. The Dolphins (now 9-9) lost to the Bills, who are now 14-3.

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Wild Card Weekend continued on Sunday and in the early game the Buffalo Bills hosted the Miami Dolphins. The two teams had split their regular-season tilts, with Buffalo winning from home in a December game.

The Bills, who are considered one of the teams that could win the Super Bowl, defeated the Dolphins in a contest that had a final score that was within a field goal. The result was Miami 31, and Buffalo 34, a result that eliminated the Dolphins while sending the Bills to the divisional round.

Game Summary Wild Card Weekend 2023: Miami vs Buffalo

  • Final score: Miami 31, Buffalo 34
  • The Dolphins fell to 9-9 and were eliminated
  • The Bills, with the win, improved to 14-3 and advanced to the divisional round
  • Josh Allen‘s passer rating: 93.1
  • Skylar Thompson‘s passer rating: 44.7

Skylar Thompson of the Dolphins was the losing quarterback in the game. He had 220 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 1 to 2. Thompson had a passer rating of just 44.7 thanks in large part to a very poor pass completion percentage. Thompson was just 18 for 45 for a 40% completion rate and the loss of a down 60% of the time.

Dolphins @ Bills Sunday: Dolphins started hot, finished cold

With the loss, the Dolphins finish the season at 9-9. In recapping the Dolphins’ season, it would be impossible not to talk about Tua Tagovailoa.

Miami had a very different complexion before he suffered from a concussion in Week 4 against the Cincinnati Bengals. They, the Dolphins, went from 3-0 to 3-3 and when Tagovailoa returned the Dolphins improved to 8-3 and seemed to be dangerous again. However, they lost 6 of their last 7 games, including Sunday’s playoff game. to end a disappointing season where they had an amazing receiving core.

Another injury that has been overlooked a little is the midseason injury to Brandon Jones, their safety. He went out in late October, an injury that really hurt the Dolphins on defense.

Josh Allen passes for 352 yards

Meanwhile, the Bills improved to 14-3 with the 3-point victory. Josh Allen, the team’s quarterback, was the winning QB in the game. He had 352 passing yards but his ratio of TDs to INTs was just 3 to 2. Allen had a passer rating of 93.1 and Miami’s defense did well in curtailing Buffalo’s offense a little.

Allen and the Bills will now look to the divisional round where they will want to atone for a heartbreaking loss in the same round last season. At the time of writing, Buffalo awaited other results from Wild Card Weekend.

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