Kansas City Chiefs win AFC Championship

Cincinnati @ Kansas City recap for Sunday, January 29th, 2023, and QB stats. The Bengals (now 14-5) lost to the Chiefs, who are now 16-3.

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The entrants into the 2023 Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVII) have been decided. The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles advanced earlier in the day when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a game that was not competitive. In the evening, KC hosted the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Chiefs, thanks to a field goal in the waning seconds, won the game by a small spread. The result was Cincinnati 20, and Kansas City 23, a result that ended Cincinnati’s season.

Game Summary AFC Championship: Cincinnati vs Kansas City

  • Final score: Cincinnati 20, Kansas City 23
  • The Bengals fell to 14-5
  • The Chiefs, with the win, improved to 16-3
  • Patrick Mahomes‘s passer rating: 105.4
  • Joe Burrow‘s passer rating: 70.2

Bengals @ Chiefs Sunday: late penalty costly

With the loss, the Bengals finish the season 14-5. Their season will be remembered for a slow start at 0-2 before they roared back to win their division. The Bengals were also part of the Monday night game where Damar Hamlin suffered the on-field and life-threatening injury. Furthermore, Cincinnati’s season will be remembered for the fact that they eliminated the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs, a team that many thought would win the Super Bowl this season.

Patrick Mahomes passes for 326 yards

The game against KC will be remembered for the last-second field goal and the heroic performance from Patrick Mahomes. He was the winning quarterback in the game with 326 passing yards, two TD passes, and a clean sheet for INTs en route to a passer rating of 105.4.

Joe Burrow of the Bengals was the losing quarterback in the game. He had 270 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 1 to 2. Burrow had just a passer rating of 70.2 and took a sack on his final play of the season. But there was no late-game magic out of Burrow as Cincinnati’s offense had nothing when opportuned to march down the field after the two-minute warning for a game-winning score.

On defense, Cincinnati committed a blunder to set up the final field goal attempt. Joseph Ossai hit Patrick Mahomes after he went out of bounds for a 15-yard add-on. This extra yardage improved KC’s field goal hopes, yardage that may or may not have been needed. The bottom line is that it will be KC vs Philly in two weeks’ time in the final game of the NFL season.

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