Joe Burrow tops NFL Passing Yards Leaders – Week 9

NFL Passing Yards Leaders heading into Week 9 of the season. Joe Burrow leads the league but he had an off-week in Week 8.

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Heading into Week 9, Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow has thrown for the most passing yards in the NFL this season. He did not have his best game in Week 8, passing for just 232 yards, however, in Week 7 he threw for 481 yards — which was a massive total. Burrow has also played the full eight games this season, which gives him an edge over quarterbacks that have had their bye weeks already on season-to-date stats.

The list below shows the top five quarterbacks in the NFL by passing yards heading into Week 9. Also, the number of games there are remaining in their team’s schedules is mentioned. The second list shows the betting favorites to pass for the most yards this season.

NFL Passing Yards Leaders ahead of Week 9

  1. Joe Burrow: 2329 yards, 9 games remaining
  2. Tom Brady: 2267 yards, 9 games remaining
  3. Josh Allen: 2198 yards, 10 games remaining
  4. Patrick Mahomes: 2159 yards, 10 games remaining
  5. Justin Herbert: 2009 yards, 10 games remaining

Josh Allen leads the league in yards per game at 314.

Betting favorites to lead the NFL in passing yards (bet365)

  1. Josh Allen 2/1 (+200)
  2. Patrick Mahomes 11/4 (+275)
  3. Joe Burrow 5/1 (+500)
  4. Justin Herbert 15/2 (+750)
  5. Tom Brady 8/1 (+800)

Tom Brady was the quarterback that had the best passing yards week in Week 8 of the top five favorites. However, both Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes were idle in Week 8. Tua Tagovailoa had the best week outright.

When it comes to the season-long race for the most passing yards, this is a market where we will have a recommendation in our tips section. As we see it, the only good odds in this market are with a super-duper long shot.