Jaguars vs Chiefs: Trevor Lawrence on injury report

Jaguars vs Chiefs injury report for the Divisional Round game. Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville was LP on Tuesday after practice.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars, following their historic defeat of the LA Chargers from Wild Card Weekend, will be in Kansas City on January 21st, 2023. The Jags are +8.5 (bet365) on the spread for the game as they prepare to face the KC Chiefs in the NFL’s Divisional Round (Saturday game). At stake is a spot in the conference finals and a chance to appear in the Super Bowl.

Trevor Lawrence remains on the team’s injury report

Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for the Jaguars, has been on the team’s injury reports for several weeks. The injury report for the upcoming game has recently been updated and it should come as no surprise that he is back on the report this week with a toe injury. However, it should be noted that Lawrence has been able to play with this injury for quite some time now. This is not necessarily a major news development.

Lawrence was among just six players that Jacksonville had on their report. That is actually a very low number of players listed on an injury report for this very late stage of the season. It’s not uncommon for NFL teams to have listed players in the upper teens. However, KC is coming off of a bye week as they did not need to contest Wild Card Weekend. It’s not surprising that they are the team that’s in better shape heading into the divisional round.

Kansas City lists four players on their half of the report

Kansas City had four players listed on their half of the report. Two of the players that were listed were full participants in practice so there really only seem to be a couple of injuries that bettors will need to follow. The Chiefs are in excellent shape going up against the Jags and that makes them, the Chiefs, a very dangerous team.

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