Jacksonville Jaguars: How the Week 17 win helps

Jacksonville @ Houston for Sunday, January 1st, 2023, and QB stats. The Texans (now 2-13-1) lost to the Jaguars, who are now 8-8.

The Houston Texans, the team that will finish with the worst record this season in the NFL, hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. The Jaguars, who are frontrunners in their division, won the game in a contest that had a final score that was not close. The result was Jacksonville 31, and Houston 3 as the Jags secured a win that could help them should they lose to Tennessee next week.

Game Summary Week 17: Jacksonville vs Houston

  • Final score: Jacksonville 31, Houston 3
  • The Texans fell to 2-13-1
  • The Jaguars, with the win, improved to 8-8
  • Trevor Lawrence's passer rating: 77.0
  • Davis Mills's passer rating: 69.0

Trevor Lawrence passes for 152 yards

Trevor Lawrence of the Jaguars was the winning quarterback in the game. He had 152 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 0 to 1. Lawrence had a passer rating of 77.0 as the Jags used a rushing attack for three of their touchdowns against Houston.

Davis Mills of the Texans was the losing quarterback in the game. He had 202 passing yards in the outing and his ratio of TDs to INTs was 0 to 0. Mills, who has played better since a December benching, had a passer rating of 69.0. He also rushed for 33 yards on a day where Houston had very little effective offense.

Jaguars @ Texans Sunday: Jags could win division or WC

With the loss, the Texans are now 2-13-1 on the season. In all scenarios, they will be the team in the NFL that finishes with the worst record.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars improved to 8-8 with the 28-point victory. At first glance, the win might seem meaningless. After all, Jacksonville's divisional hopes rest with a victory next week over the Tennessee Titans.

However, should the Jags lose that game, then there is a chance that an 8-9 record gets them a Wild Card. They would need results to go their way involving Miami, New England, Pittsburgh, and the Jets for that scenario to take place. It's possible that Jacksonville's Wild Card possibilities are all for not before Week 17 is over, however. They look like a team that's in a defacto playoff game next week against the Titans.

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