Eagles extending Lane Johnson

One of the best offensive tackles of the league is staying in Philadelphia for at least another season

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NFL fans always talk about the playmakers. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs. Sometimes tight ends or even defensive players on a forced fumble, sack or interception. By far the OLs are the most underrated position. But this is from a fan’s perspective. From a team’s point of view, it is clear that a good offensive line means everything. That’s one of the whys the Philadelphia Eagles are extending Lane Johnson.

And this big fella is not cheap. In 2023 he will play his 11th season in the NFL, the 11th wearing the Eagles uniform. Philadelphia is extending his contract for another year on a $33.4 million contract, with $30 million guaranteed. That’s a lot of money for a guy who “only blocks”, right? Well, not really.

First of all, he can also catch passes. Yes, Lane Johnson has a touchdown in his career, on a beautiful trick play the Eagles pulled against the New York Giants in 2021. But aside from that, offensive linemen are a really important part of the game.

I think that other than OLs, only punters and long snappers are more underrated. The average fan can’t seem to understand the importance of the long snap being perfect, the punt being perfect, or even the run blocks or pass protection being perfect. A great example of this is the Denver Broncos last season.

Comparing Russell Wilson and Jalen Hurts, Broncos and Eagles QBs, they have a similar style (in different ages and stages of their career). One had a terrible offensive line and had a pathetic season. The other made it to the Super Bowl. And Lane Johnson helped with that. So, I’d say this is a great contract extension.

Lane Johnson

Well, there are not many stats to say about a right tackle. Other than his TD reception, he pretty much only blocks. He excels at it but these aren’t exactly stats. So, let’s just say that he was the 2013 no. 4 overall pick in the draft by the Philadelphia Eagles and has played a total of 127 games in his career. He won the Super Bowl LII with Philly and made four appearances in the Pro Bowl.