Dallas Cowboys are the heaviest favorites for Week 14

The Dallas Cowboys are -17.5 favorites for the Week 14 game, the largest favorites of the week as they prepare to face the Houston Texans.

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The Dallas Cowboys, the fourth favorite to win the Super Bowl, ran up the score last week against the Indianapolis Colts. They, the Cowboys, posted a 35-point margin of victory to beat the Colts 54-19. It comes as no surprise that the Cowboys are huge favorites for their Week 14 game given that they’ve drawn the 1-10-1 Houston Texans, a team that has been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention this season.

Dallas enter the week as -17.5 favorites

Dallas enters Week 14 as the heaviest favorite of the week. They are set at -17.5 against the Texans (bet365), a team that has had some quarterbacking drama this season. The Texans have decided that they will be playing Davis Mills following a failed two-week audition out of backup QB Kyle Allen.

A spread of -17.5 is definitely one of the biggest spreads of the season so far. For the week at hand, there’s only one other spread that’s in double digits. The Jets vs. Bills game has a -10.0 spread in favor of the Bills, a line that may overrate Buffalo following the injury to Von Miller.

Other substantial favorites heading into the week are the -9.5 Kansas City Chiefs as they go on the road against Denver. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles are -7.5 against the New York Giants. It’s this latter game that Cowboys fans will be paying some attention to.

Dallas plays the Eagles on December 24th, 2022

The Dallas Cowboys, if they beat Houston, would improve to 10-3. If NYG can put a bad beat on Philly, then that would see the Eagles drop to 11-2. Dallas and Philadelphia play one another later this season still, a game that would take on some divisional relevance if the two teams were within one win of one another in the standings. The game between Dallas and Philadelphia could also take on some meaning in the Coach of the Year debate as each club has one of the shortlisted favorites.

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