Colts releasing Nick Foles

After signing Gardner Minshew and drafting Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis is clearing some space

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One of the teams working the most in the quarterback position this offseason is the Indianapolis Colts. After a disappointing season, they released Matt Ryan, and the team added some new faces. They signed Gardner Minshew, from the Philadelphia Eagles, and drafted Anthony Richardson. Now the Colts are also releasing Nick Foles.

Now, after all these moves, the only old face in the QB depth chart of the Indianapolis Colts is Sam Ehlinger, who finished the season as the starter quarterback. Releasing Nick Foles was a move expected after the Colts drafted Anthony Richardson with the no. 4 overall pick in this past draft.

The decision freed $2 million in the salary cap, which will help to accommodate all 12 rookies coming to Indianapolis after the Draft. One day after hitting the Free Agency market once again, Nick Foles spoke about being released. “I was just released yesterday by the Colts, which is actually a good thing, so don’t cry for me,” he said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“It’s OK. The coach that I was there for, Frank Reich, was fired. Their GM (Chris Ballard) and I had a good relationship. It’s all good. Everything’s fine.” But another part of his declarations didn’t agree much with that as he reflected on whether to retire or not. “Shoot, almost every year of my career I’ve almost retired. Every offseason, I think, ‘Do I still want to play? Do I still want to keep going?’”

Nick Foles

The quarterback completed his 11th season in the NFL. His biggest achievement remains the Super Bowl LII championship title versus the New England Patriots. Nick Foles was also elected the MVP on the opportunity.

During his time in the league, Foles played only 71 games, completing 1,302 passes in 2,087 attempts (62.4%). He has 14,227 yards, 82 touchdowns and 47 interceptions. He has also 151 carries for 407 yards and six TDs on the ground. And, of course, he has this reception, the Philly Special.