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Steve Apostolopoulos is reportedly considering on making an offer for the NFL Washington franchise

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The Washington Commanders are for sale. This is not exactly new for the NFL world. But according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, one new potential buyer rose recently. Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos is bidding for the Commanders. Or at least he is considering doing so.

Apostolopoulos joins Josh Harris and Tilman Fertitta as the known bidders to purchase the franchise. And unofficially, some reports also say that Jeff Bezos could also be interested in the NFL team, but his interest is not official.

The Canadian billionaire visited the Commanders’ facilities recently as he study the opportunities. This is not the first time that Apostolopoulos is thinking about investing in the US major leagues. He and his family invested in a property close to the Detroit Lions’ stadium in 2009 trying to attract an MLS (soccer) team to the city. And recently he reportedly considered buying NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

Steve Apostolopoulos

For the Commanders fans wanting to know who is this potential new owner of the franchise, Apostolopoulos is a businessman naturally from Toronto, Canada. He is the managing partner of Triple Group of Companies, a real estate firm.

His desire to bid for the Charlotte Hornets got colder after his desire for the Washington Commanders rose. The NFL franchise is “on-sale” since the Snyder family decided to become “open for proposals”. The family managed the Commanders over the past years, including the change of name process. They are asking $7 billion to start thinking of getting a deal done.

Washington Commanders

The USA capital franchise was established on July 9th, 1932. Their first season playing in the league was 90 years ago. However, for decades, the name of the franchise was Washington Redskins. Since this name is considered racist by many, they had to change the name and logo.

In 2020 they became the Washington Football Team and in 2022 they adopted the current name of Washington Commanders. Among their greatest accomplishments are two league titles before the Super Bowl era (1937 and 1942), 15 division championships, five conference championships and three Super Bowl titles (XVII, XXII and XXVI).

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