Cam Newton on Auburn’s Pro Day

The former NFL MVP is set to throw some passes and show off his skills as he tries to get back to the league

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Once again Cam Newton makes it to the highlight as he will be on Auburn’s Pro Day. The former Panthers and Patriots QB will be showing off his skills today (21) at his old college campus alongside other players wanting a shot at the NFL.

Newton, 33, played his college career in Auburn, with the Tigers. He led the team to a national championship in 2011 and was the no. 1 overall draft pick in 2012, selected by the Carolina Panthers. 11 years later, the Panthers have the no. 1 overall pick and are aiming for a quarterback once again.

But of course that the announcement of Newton’s presence at Auburn’s pro day wouldn’t be normal or free of polemics. The QB posted a video on his social media accounts telling the world that he will be there and making a clear statement: he wants to play again in the NFL.

“Tell me how these randoms keep getting jobs”, he said at the beginning of the video. After an edition with him throwing passes around in the field, he finishes with the major controversy: “ain’t 32 motherf*****s better than me”.

Cam Newton

As we said, Newton was the no. 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft by the Carolina Panthers. After that, he spent nine seasons with the franchise and even played in Super Bowl 50, in the 2015 season. That year he won the regular season MVP, leading the team to a 15-1 record.

In 2020 he left the Panthers and joined the New England Patriots, where he spent one and a half season. After being a huge disappointment in New England, failing to replace Tom Brady, he was benched for the second season and decided to leave. Then he re-joined the Panthers in 2021, after not playing a single game that year for the Pats.

Newton has 148 games in his 11-year career. During that time, he threw 4,474 passes, completing 2,682 (59.9%), totalling 32,382 yards. He also connected 194 touchdowns and 123 interceptions. He was also known by his running game and have 1,118 rushes in his regular season career, with 5,628 yards and 75 TDs (and 34 fumbles).