Browns trading for Elijah Moore

Cleveland is adding some speed to their WR squad and the Jets are receiving a draft pick in return

The Cleveland Browns are trading for WR Elijah Moore, from the New York Jets. This trade was reported after the Jets signed another WR, Mecole Hardman. Maybe thinking of renewing the depth chart before Aaron Rodgers arrives. Who knows? But the fact is that Moore wanted out of New York.

He reportedly asked to be traded by the Jets this offseason and he got it. His wishes were answered. And at the same time, the Cleveland Browns needed some speed in their offense, so now they have it. The trade is still not finalized but sources say it is a sure move.

In exchange for the WR, the Cleveland Browns are sending the no. 42 overall pick in the next draft (a 2nd-round pick) to New York. The Jets also sent the no. 74 overall pick alongside Elijah Moore. After this trade, the Jets are loaded with picks in the next draft. They have the no. 13 overall pick in the first round and now the no. 42 and 43 picks, in the second round.

After the moves happening so far in the league, Deshaun Watson will have a couple of interesting targets next season. Elijah Moore will be the speed, Amari Cooper the reliable strong target and Donovan Peoples-Jones can help by doing everything if he can repeat last season’s performances.

Elijah Moore

The wide receiver is only 22 years old and is only in his third year in the league. After being drafted by the New York Jets in the second round of the 2021 draft, with the no. 34 overall pick, Moore played two seasons in New York.

During that time he has 27 games in his career and a total of 80 receptions in 142 targets, 984 yards and six touchdowns. Running with the ball he has 10 carries, 59 yards and one TD. His rookie year was very impressive, even with only 11 games played. He struggled a little bit in his second year, last season.