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Being a kicker in Buffalo is not an easy job, mostly because of the winter winds, so they are sticking with theirs

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Kickers are usually not very well appreciated by football fans. It is not an easy job overall. The pressure and the level of mental preparation are already some of the explanations for the difficulty of the job. But being a kicker in Buffalo is even harder, mostly because of the winter. And the Bills agree with that as they are extending K Tyler Bass.

The team and the player reached an agreement and signed a four-year, $21 million contract. The numbers and the desire for keeping their kicker indicate that, once Buffalo finds a kicker, they better keep them. And Tyler Bass has been not only a reliable player for the Bills but also one of the best kickers in the NFL.

Bass, 26, is going to his fourth season in the league and the Bills decided to lock him until 2027 before his rookie contract expired. This is a huge change in his life. During his college time, he didn’t receive any scholarship even being on the football team, being a walk-on at Georgia Southern University.

“I’m never going to forget that. I’m still going to grind,” Bass said. “It’s just a little bit relieving, you know, you have a little bit of security. But at the end of the day, you still got to work. That’s what got me here, that’s what I’m going keep doing as best I can.”

Tyler Bass

The kicker entered the NFL in 2020 after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills, with the no. 188 overall pick, in the sixth round. Since his debut in the league, he is the third player with the most points in the league, with 405 points scored. Only Raiders’ Daniel Carlson (431) and Ravens’ Justin Tucker (409), both also kickers, scored more points in the period.

Since his debut in the NFL, Bass played 49 games. He has converted 83 out of 97 field goals, with a conversion percentage of 85.6. He has never missed a kick from under 29 yards, converting 29 out of 29 from this range. His longest career field goal was from 58 yards. Check out his performance from all ranges during his career.

  • 1-19 yards – 1/1 (100%)
  • 20-29 yards – 28/28 (100%)
  • 30-39 yards – 24/30 (80%)
  • 40-49 yards – 22/25 (88%)
  • 50+ yards – 8/13 (61.5%)
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