The quarterback spoke to the media today and admitted that he is negotiating a new contract with the franchise

For the first time this season, Joe Burrow spoke to the media at a press conference on Tuesday. Among the topics he approached, Burrow admitted to be working on a contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals. “I’m involved. That’s in the works,” he said when asked about whether or not they are negotiating.

“That’s not really something that I like to play out in the media. Just the way I think they want to do business, I want to do business, we prefer to keep that between us,” Burrow added. He is entering the final year of his rookie contract. The end of the third year is usually when talented young quarterbacks sign their loaded new contracts.

Of course, Burrow is working towards a huge new contract. The recent contracts signed by Lamar Jackson with the Baltimore Ravens and by Jalen Hurts with the Philadelphia Eagles could give an idea of what the numbers will be.

Burrow, 26, is only going to his fourth season in the NFL, but it looks like he’s been playing in the league for much longer than that. He already played two conference finals and one Super Bowl, which he lost, but still is a huge achievement. The duels involving Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow tend to be better and better.

Joe Burrow

The no. 1 overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft has played a total of 49 games, being 42 in the regular season and seven in the playoffs. He completed 1,044 passes out of 1,530 attempts (68.2%), summing up 11,774 yards, 82 touchdowns and 31 interceptions in the regular season. Running with the ball he has 517 yards in 152 carries, plus another 10 TDs.

In the playoffs, he has 169 completions in 251 attempts (67.3%), 1,826 yards, nine TDs and four INTs. Rushing the ball he has another101 yards in 26 attempts and one touchdown.

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