Anthony Richardson shows off in pro day

He is one of the top prospects in the next draft and could become the 5th Florida QB selected in the 1st round

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The NFL 2023 Draft is less than a month away. On April 27th, the league franchises will start selecting their new rookie players for the upcoming season. And as it happens every year, besides the Combine, the players always have another chance to demonstrate their skills. One of these players, Anthony Richardson, shows off his today at Florida pro day.

Anthony Richardson is one of the top prospects in the next draft. Alongside C.J. Stoud, Bryce Young and Will Levis, he is one of the quarterbacks of this class expected to be selected in the first round. If that happens, he will become only the 5th Florida QB selected in the first round of the draft.

One of the best assets in Richardson as a player is his arm. And that he was able to showcase so far. Apparently, Florida Gator’s practice field has a ceiling too low. One of his passes stopped at the field structure.

Among those mentioned quarterbacks, Richardson had the best performance in the NFL Combine earlier this month. In fact, he was the only one to fully participate in the Combine as the others chose to showcase themselves only at their respective colleges’ pro days.


The Florida quarterback appears only as the third favourite to be selected by the Carolina Panthers, with the no. 1 overall pick. But even if he is not the overall no. 1, he will most likely be selected still on the first round. These are the odds (Bet365) for each top 5 players to be selected in each of the first three picks of the draft:

Carolina Panthers – No. 1 overall pick

  • C.J. Stroud, QB (Ohio State) – 1.28
  • Bryce Young, QB (Alabama) – 3.75
  • Anthony Richardson, QB (Florida) – 8.50
  • Will Levis, QB (Kentucky) – 31.00
  • Will Anderson, LB (Alabama) – 101.00

Houston Texans – No. 2 overall pick

  • Bryce Young, QB (Alabama) – 1.33
  • C.J. Stroud, QB (Ohio State) – 4.00
  • Will Levis, QB (Kentucky) – 13.00
  • Anthony Richardson, QB (Florida) – 17.00
  • Will Anderson, LB (Alabama) – 26.00

Indianapolis Colts – No. 3 overall pick

  • Will Anderson, LB (Alabama) – 2.25
  • Anthony Richardson, QB (Florida) – 2.50
  • Will Levis, QB (Kentucky) – 5.50
  • Bryce Young, QB (Alabama) – 21.00
  • Tyree Wilson, DE (Texas Tech) – 23.00
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