Super Bowl betting brings out the imagination

Super Bowl betting: frivolous markets include the color of the Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach and how long Chris Stapleton sings for.

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The pinnacle hour in American sports is otherwise known as The Super Bowl. A betting extravaganza, the NFL’s championship game often entices the sportsbooks to get pretty creative with their betting lines. Unibet sportsbook has a couple of betting specials: one is for how long the national anthem will last and the other has to do with Gatorade, the sports drink.

How long will the national anthem last?

In regard to the national anthem, the “OVER” and “UNDER” sides have to do with how long the singing with last. OVER 125.5 seconds is at -167 (about 10/17) and UNDER 125.5 is the underdog, at +120 (6/5).

If I, for one, was singing at the Super Bowl, then I would be looking to max my facetime (voice time?). I guess I’m recommending the OVER but -167 looks steep.

Reportedly, Chris Stapleton is singing the national anthem, a country-music star. “Chris Stapleton national anthem length” is a predicted keyword phrase on Youtube, presumingly because of his role in singing at the Super Bowl. Here’s some food for thought — take it or leave it.

Unibet is clearly communicating this stipulation:

The cut-off time for the end of the national anthem will be when the performer says the word ‘brave’ at the end of the anthem. In case there are two or more performers singing the anthem the cut-off time is deemed to be when the first performer says the word ‘brave’ at the end of the anthem. Multiple renditions of the last phrase will not count.

What color is the Gatorade that’s dumped on the coach?

If you see someone with food coloring tampering with the Gatorade cooler then you know the fix is in. The ‘favorite’ for “First Gatorade colour dumped on the winning Coach” is yellow/green/lime at odds of +125 (5/4). Unibet has the following stipulation: “First Gatorade shower poured on winning coach during TV broadcast counts.” Predicted keywords on Youtube that may be related to this kind of betting prop include “gatorade color super bowl history.”

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