Should Miami Dolphins – No. 1 for Week 4 Power Rankings?

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Buffalo Bills in Week 3. Should that move the fins to top spot for Week 4 NFL Power Rankings?

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The Miami Dolphins improved to 3-0 on Sunday in Week 3 of the NFL. They defeated the Buffalo Bills 21-19, a game where Buffalo was the road favorite.

Dolphins were +5.5 underdogs

The Bills were the top-ranked team in our NFL power rankings and most others heading into Week 3. After losing to Miami, they should be dropped down. Will Miami become the top team in Week 4’s NFL Power Rankings? Bettors should expect the Dolphins in either the No. 2 or No. 3 spot with most of the pundits. Here’s why.

Projecting the Miami Dolphins for Week 4

It helps Miami that the Kansas City Chiefs lost on Sunday. Furthermore, the Chiefs lost to a weak team in the Indianapolis Colts. That will surely have KC moving downward, a team that was generally ranked second in most power rankings ahead of Week 3.

Presumptively, the No. 1 team for most publishers will be the team that wins between Tampa Bay and Green Bay. They were playing in the afternoon set for Sunday’s Week 3 games. The No. 2 team might be the Philadelphia Eagles with a lot of publications. They had an easy opponent in Week 3 but the 3-0 Eagles won on the road comfortably.

The Dolphins are our presumptive No. 1 for Week 4 NFL Power Rankings. However, with the other guys, bettors should be expecting the Bucs or the Packers to be on top. We’ll be crunching all the numbers and projections after the full slate of Week 3 games is over

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