Phoenix Suns’: odds to win Western Conference

The Phoenix Suns are the top favorite to win the west. Kevin Durant seems confident. But what could go wrong with this team in the future?

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The NBA, with the conclusion of a short schedule on Thursday night, will be into its All-Star break. The Al-Star game is this weekend with related competitions to be played on Friday and Saturday. The NBA teams won’t resume their regular season until next Thursday, February 23rd. The Phoenix Suns are one team that will be looking to gel during the NBA’s home stretch.

Kevin Durant positively appraises the Phoenix Suns

Kevin Durant, a new member of the Phoenix Suns, recently suggested that the Suns were poised for a title run.

“I think we got all the pieces to be successful,” Durant said on Thursday. “We got guys that have experienced what it’s like to play in that final round. We got a champion [Suns GM James Jones] already that’s overseeing us. Monty’s a champion as a coach. So we got guys that been there and that’s half the battle, just knowing what it takes.” (Durant quoted at ESPN).

Nick Friedell/ESPN

Phoenix Suns to win NBA title? Not so fast

What exactly could go wrong with Phoenix? One simple answer is the elephant in the room: Kevin Durant is injured.

Marc J. Spears of reported recently that Durant wants to come back soon after the All-Star break, which seems plausible enough. It’s also plausible that he will be playing well and that Phoenix will put up more than their share of double-digit spreads as soon as some chemistry develops.

But don’t be surprised if Durant misses more games down the stretch — or in the playoffs. Durant is 34 years old now and he has had an injury-riddled career even in his younger days.

On the other hand, Phoenix has proven over the last month that they can win what they got. They are currently in very good form and Durant has not suited up for them yet.

Yet again, the Suns had a bad December this season and they might be fighting for a No. 3 seed. That could mean a road series in the second round. Phoenix, as favorite to win the Western Conference, is a little overrated.

The Suns are about 2 to 1 to win the west

Currently, the Suns are 21/10 (+210) with bet365 to win the west. Right now that’s looking like having to beat the six-seed, then a two-seed in the second round, and then then the one seed — with each of the last two series being road series. Phoenix could do it but bettors should be looking for at least 4 to 1 for that, if not 5 to 1.

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