NFL Week 2 Review – What’s Wrong With Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos have played bad to start the season. Will Nathaniel Hackett be on the hotseat soon?

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The Denver Broncos defeated the Houston Texans in Week 2 of the NFL season. That improved Denver to 1-1 on the campaign while dropping the Texans to 0-1-1. One glaring situation that has to concern Broncos fans is clear enough through two games: Russell Wilson and the Denver offense aren’t playing well.

Russell Wilson’s completion rate was worse than 50%

In Week 1, on Monday night football we saw the Broncos squander touchdown opportunities with inexplicable fumbles. At the time, it seemed that Wilson was playing well but not getting the support he needed. But after Week 2’s Sunday performance, what could be made of the situation with Denver?

Russell Wilson was one of the worst quarterbacks in Week 2. His counterpart on Sunday, Davis Mills, wasn’t any good either and that’s what helped Denver get the win. However, the Broncos are looking like a team that should be in the bottom third of the league at this point in the season.

14 for 31 passing for Wilson? That’s a completion rate of just 45.16%. How far back in his career do you have to go to find a game as bad as the one that he just had?

He had a worse completion rate in a post-season loss to the LA Rams to conclude the 2020 season. In that game, he threw just 11 for 27. As for the regular season, we found a game back in 2015 where he connected on just 43.8% of his passing attempts.

The way the Denver Broncos are playing, the future for the team doesn’t look that bright this season. They’ve got the San Francisco 49ers and the LA Chargers coming up among their next four games. The other two games are just against the Indianapolis Colts and the Las Vegas Raiders but, the way it looks, Denver could end up 2-4 after six games. That’s going to irk Broncos fans that thought that acquiring Wilson meant that Denver would compete.

Nathaniel Hackett – hotseat coming?

A lot has been made of Mike McCarthy being on the hotseat. However, Nathaniel Hackett, a first-year head coach, might be the one to look at.

Denver looks out of sorts to start the season, they can’t complete drives, and all this happening at a time when the opposite was expected given that they acquired Wilson. Hackett is the coach that needs some wins right now because he’s just 1-1 against what looks like one of the weaker opening schedules in the NFL thus far.