NFL Power Rankings Week 8 – Buffalo still tops

NFL Power Rankings for Week 8: the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles did not play last week. That makes it hard to move them down.

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Before the start of Week 7, in our weekly NFL power rankings, we noted that there was not much potential for change at the top of the NFL’s power rankings. Both the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles, the No. 1 and No. 2 respective teams in our power rankings, were scheduled for byes.

Heading into Week 8, these two NFL powerhouses still have the same records as they did heading into Week 7. Accordingly, we did not budge them down from their lofty perches. Here’s a look at our Top Ten NFL Power Rankings as Week 8 starts.

Top Ten NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

  1. Buffalo Bills 5-1
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 6-0
  3. New York Giants 6-1
  4. Minnesota Vikings 5-1
  5. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2
  6. Dallas Cowboys 5-2
  7. New York Jets 5-2
  8. Miami Dolphins 4-3 (not rated last week)
  9. Cincinnati Bengals 4-3
  10. Baltimore Ravens 4-3

Los Angeles Chargers moved out

The team that we dropped out of our Top Ten was the Los Angeles Chargers. They lost in Week 7 and actually had a weak win to conclude Week 6 against Denver. At 4-3 following a 14-point home loss to Seattle, the Chargers can’t be considered a top-notch team.

The Miami Dolphins re-enter our Top Ten after a short hiatus. Tua Tagovailoa returned to quarterbacking action in Week 7 and he led the Dolphins to a victory.

It was a shaky win in some ways. Pittsburgh looked like they should have won the game but had four dropped INTs. Then, Kenny ‘Pick-it’ Pickett threw an interception with the game on the line as the Fins held on 16-10. Despite the shaky Week 7, Miami’s three wins to open the season cannot be ignored. They look better than both Cincinnati and Baltimore and will probably be above the Jets soon.

Looking ahead to Week 8

Looking at our Top Ten for Week 8, it’s the New York Jets that are on the shakiest grounds. The Jets are 5-2 and they managed a win in Week 7. On paper, they look pretty good except the Jets lost Breece Hall, their talented rookie running back. That definitely puts a damper on New York’s season and they will have a hard time staying ranked high in our rankings. However, the Jets landed James Robinson in a trade, a move that might save the team’s season.

Looking ahead to games for Week 8, there are none between two top teams. The week will be about trying to avoid losing to a team that’s not in our Top Ten and/or putting up a convincing spread. The week starts tonight when the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet one another.

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