Nets @ Pistons(December 18th, 2022): Nets win

NBA Results for Sunday, December 18th, 2022. The Pistons (now 8-24 this season) lost to the Nets, who are now 19-12.

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The Detroit Pistons, one the weakest teams in the National Basketball Association so far this season, hosted the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday. The game looked like it would be one-sided prior to the opening tip. The Nets, who have really put together a nice string of games over multiple weeks, beat Detroit in a contest that was competitive down the stretch. The final score was Brooklyn 124, Detroit 121.

Nets @ Pistons Sunday: Kevin Durant scores 43

With the loss, the Pistons are now 8-24 on the season. The only team with a worse winning percentage so far this season is Charlotte, the Hornets entering Monday at 7-24. Detroit could take some solace in the fact that they were able to stay close to the Nets on Sunday. The Nets are, arguably, playing the best basketball in the league right now.

Brooklyn improved to 19-12 with the 3-point victory. This is a team that had a slow start but it’s hard to argue against them being the best team in recent weeks. That does create a bit of a problem when it comes to assigning them a power ranking for the next week. What should be emphasized? Their overall record or what they have done lately?

The leading scorer in the game was Kevin Durant. He had 43 points in the game and Kyrie Irving had 38. Nobody on the Nets hit double-digits for either rebounds or assists.

Brooklyn has now won six in a row and ten of eleven. In their next game, they will host the Golden State Warriors (Wednesday, December 21st).