NBA Wednesday preview

After eight great games, the league is back tonight for another seven important matchups for playoffs race

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Basketball fans are really happy fans. There are literally multiple great games to watch almost every day. And tonight is no different. After yesterday’s eight games, it’s time for the NBA Wednesday preview with the odds and predictions of the seven matchups of tonight’s slate. Which one is the best game of the night?

Philadelphia 76ers (45-22) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (44-27) – 7:30 PM

Starting off our NBA Wednesday preview we have maybe the most important matchup of the night as East’s #3 and #4 face off against each other. Both have great sequences of victories, but only one will keep it. Playing at home, the Cavs want their third straight win while the Sixers, the visitors, want their sixth. Even playing on the road, the 76ers are favourites by 2.5 points.

  • Spread: PHI 76ers -2.5/CLE Cavaliers +2.5
  • Over/under: 222 points
  • Pick: CLE Cavaliers +2.5 and over 222.0

Memphis Grizzlies (41-26) @ Miami Heat (37-33) – 7:30 PM

West #2, the Memphis Grizzlies are visiting the Miami Heat tonight. While the home team won their last game, the visitors are recovering from a bad moment and are coming from three victories in a row. However, playing away is hard, and they are the underdogs tonight by 4 points.

  • Spread: MEM Grizzlies +4/MIA Heat -4
  • Over/under: 220.5 points
  • Pick: MEM Grizzlies +4.0 and over 220.5

Sacramento Kings (40-27) @ Chicago Bulls (31-36) – 8:00 PM

The Kings are currently in third place in the West but they want their way back to second and keep fighting for first. In order to do that they need to win again as they lost their last game. Tonight they visit the Bulls, who are not having a great season but won their last two games. The Kings are favourites by 1 point though.

  • Spread: SAC Kings -1/CHI Bulls +1
  • Over/under: 237 points
  • Pick: SAC Kings -1 and over 237.0

Boston Celtics (47-22) @ Minnesota Timberwolves (35-34) – 8:00 PM

Closing our preview, we have the Boston Celtics also playing away. They are currently the East #2 seed and are fighting for first place with the Bucks. However, they had a bad moment in the season and are now three games behind on the table. Boston needs to win again and they are favourites by 5 points tonight.

  • Spread: BOS Celtics -5/MIN Timberwolves +5
  • Over/under: 233.5 points
  • Pick: BOS Celtics -5.0 and under 233.5

Other Games

Check out the odds and picks for the other three games of the night.

Los Angeles Lakers (34-35) @ Huston Rockets (16-52) – 8:00 PM

  • Spread: LA Lakers -3/HOU Rockets +3
  • Over/under: 231 points
  • Pick: LA Lakers -3.0 and over 231.0

Dallas Mavericks (34-35) @ San Antonio Spurs (18-50) – 8:30 PM

  • Spread: DAL Mavericks -5/SA Spurs +5
  • Over/under: 227.5 points
  • Pick: SA Spurs +5.0 and over 227.5

Golden State Warriors (36-33) @ Los Angeles Clippers (36-33) – 10:00 PM

  • Spread: GS Warriors +2.5/LA Clippers -2.5
  • Over/under: 237 points
  • Pick: GS Warriors to win and over 237.0