NBA Power Rankings (Nov. 6th) – Bucks still on top

NBA Power Rankings: the top ten teams in the NBA following the results from November 6th, 2022. Milwaukee remains our top team.

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The weekend of NBA action is over and that makes it time to review our NBA power rankings. The records and rankings below include the results from Sunday, November 6th, but no further.

The Milwaukee Bucks will remain on top of our Top Ten NBA Power Rankings, this being the third edition of the season. The Bucks were our top team last week and they have remained undefeated this season which makes them difficult to move down.

Top Ten NBA Power Rankings (third edition)

  1. Milwaukee Bucks (9-0)
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers (8-1)
  3. Phoenix Suns (7-2)
  4. Utah Jazz (8-3)
  5. Portland Trailblazers (6-3)
  6. Boston Celtics (6-3)
  7. Memphis Grizzlies (7-3)
  8. Dallas Mavericks (5-3)
  9. Denver Nuggets (6-3)
  10. Atlanta Hawks (6-3)

Yes, Utah is a top team

The Utah Jazz is one team that a lot of publications probably won’t have at the top of their power rankings. However, the Jazz have done a great job to open the season. So long as you disregard preseason analysis, which held that the Jazz were one of the worst teams in the league, and actually emphasize regular-season results, it’s clear that the Jazz are a very good team.

With Lauri Markkanen leading the way, the Jazz have a starting lineup and a bench that is loaded with above-average players. They do not have the title-winning kind of superstar that teams need for playoff success. However, the Jazz are clearly a very good regular-season team, well-equipped for the long drive that’s ahead. The Jazz go 9 or 10 deep on most nights without a major weak point.

Who to worry about at the top?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that’s off to a flying 8-1 start. However, they have loaded their superstar, Donovan Mitchell, with a ton of minutes so far this season. NBA punters looking at the Cavaliers and seeing a contender should think about whether Mitchell can keep playing 39 minutes per game.

There are loads of games this week and we have nightly picks. You can also follow our news section for recent NBA headlines and news articles.