NBA Power Rankings (Nov. 20th): Boston takes over

Our updated NBA power rankings following the last week of results. Games that factored into these rankings included results including Nov. 20th.

The Milwaukee Bucks had a bad week. They went 1-2 with losses to the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers. They were formerly the top-ranked team in our NBA power rankings, however, when you occupy that spot and lose then it means you're going down. In the big picture, the Bucks are still 11-4 and that's good enough for second spot in our updated rankings.

The Boston Celtics, conversely, had an undefeated week and they are our new No. 1 team. In fact, heading into Monday, Boston has won 9 in a row. Over the last week, they beat the OKC Thunder and then posted road wins at Atlanta and New Orleans. The game against the Hawks was particularly one-sided with a 25-point spread in Boston's favor despite visiting.

Here are our updated Top Ten NBA Power Rankings. These games include the results from November 20th but not after. We update every Sunday evening/Monday morning.

Top Ten NBA Power Rankings (5th edition)

  1. Boston Celtics 13-3 (+1)
  2. Milwaukee Bucks 11-4 (-1)
  3. Utah Jazz 12-6 (+2)
  4. Atlanta Hawks 10-6 (+5)
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers 10-6 (+3)
  6. Phoenix Suns 10-6 (no change)
  7. Portland Trailblazers 10-6 (-4)
  8. Sacramento Kings 9-6 (new entry)
  9. Denver Nuggets 10-6 (-5)
  10. Washington Wizards 10-7 (no change)

The Jazz gained two spots after an impressive back-to-back set. They beat the Phoenix Suns on Friday and then, with no day off between games, traveled to Portland and handed the Trailblazers a five-point loss. With Phoenix and Portland both in our top ten, it was hard to ignore Utah's week despite a home loss to New York.

The Atlanta Hawks were our big gainer of the week within the top ten. Despite the loss to the Celtics, the Hawks posted a 15-point spread in a game at Milwaukee.

However, the team that is surging right now is the Sacramento Kings. They have a six-game winning streak going and debuted in our Top Ten following victories against Brooklyn, San Antonio, and Detroit. The Kings were +59 on point differential for the week and appear to be a force to contend with in the west this season.