NBA Power Rankings [Feb. 21st]: Milwaukee on top

NBA Power Rankings as teams prepare to end the All-Star break and resume play on Thursday. The Milwaukee Bucks are ranked first.

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The Milwaukee Bucks remain the top-ranked team in our NBA Power Rankings. Not much has changed since our last update, mainly because there were not a ton of games that were played due to the All-Star Break. However, there were some shake-ups toward the bottom of our top ten, with the Dallas Mavericks dropping out and the LA Clippers added in.

The Bucks, winners of twelve straight, continue to look very dangerous. It will be interesting to see if they stay in tip-top form after the break or if the other teams narrow the gap.

Top Ten NBA Power Rankings: 18th Edition

You can check out last week’s power rankings here: previous edition.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks: 41-17 (no change)
  2. Boston Celtics: 42-17 (no change)
  3. Denver Nuggets: 41-18 (+2)
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers: 38-23 (no change)
  5. Philadelphia 76ers: 38-19 (-2)
  6. Phoenix Suns: 32-28 (+2)
  7. Memphis Grizzlies: 35-22 (no change)
  8. Sacramento Kings: 32-25 (+1)
  9. Miami Heat: 32-27 (-3)
  10. LA Clippers: 33-28 (new entrant)

The Dallas Mavericks dropped out following a three-game losing streak heading into the break. The LA Clippers are in our Top Ten after making some roster changes, notably adding Mason Plumlee, Russell Westbrook, and Eric Gordon.

Big Games Upcoming: Which Top Teams Play One Another?

We will be updating again following the results on Sunday night. There are several games in the NBA that will take place in the days ahead, some of which are between top teams.

One game on Thursday in the ESPN NBA Schedule will feature the Denver Nuggets at the Cleveland Cavaliers (Cleveland -2.5 with bet365). Memphis and Philadelphia also play that night (Philly at -4.0). The Miami Heat will be in Milwaukee on Friday night. On Saturday, Denver will be in Memphis while Philadelphia hosts Boston. Teams generally have between 21 and 25 games remaining in the regular-season schedules.

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