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With eight games on Saturday and Sunday, every Game 1 of the First Round of the playoffs is over

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The First Round of the NBA Playoffs started this weekend and it is time for our recap. After the Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves clinched their spots on Friday, winning their last Play-In Tournament games, we had our 16 qualified teams as the playoffs were ready to begin. Without further ado, let’s see how were the eight playoff Game 1’s throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, April 15

Brooklyn Nets 101-121 Philadelphia 76ers (PHI leads 1-0)

Playing at home the 76ers didn’t give a chance to the Brooklyn Nets. They won all four quarters of the game and started the series with the advantage. Check out the best individual performances of the game.

  • Mikal Bridges (BKN) – 30 PTS/5 REB
  • Nic Claxton (BKN) – 5 PTS/10 REB
  • Joel Embiid (PHI) – 26 PTS/5 REB
  • James Harden (PHI) – 23 PTS/13 AST
  • Tobias Harris (PHI) – 21 PTS

Atlanta Hawks 99-112 Boston Celtics (BOS leads 1-0)

Another team taking advantage of the home factor to start off the series winning was the Boston Celtics. And they won basically thanks to their first half, as they went back to the locker rooms leading 74- 44. The Hawks won the last two periods but it wasn’t enough for a comeback. Check out the best performances from this matchup.

  • Jaylen Brown (BOS) – 29 PTS/12 REB
  • Jayson Tatum (BOS) – 25 PTS/11 REB
  • Derrick White (BOS) – 24 PTS/5 REB/7 AST
  • Dejounte Murray (ATL) – 24 PTS/8 REB/6 AST
  • Trae Young (ATL) – 16 PTS/8 AST

New York Knicks 101-97 Cleveland Cavaliers (NYK leads 1-0)

Here we had the first underdog and away team winning a game in the playoffs. The Knicks beat the Cavs after a strong beginning and a solid end of the game. This was not a brilliant game from any of them but was a great start in the series for NY. Check out the best performances.

  • Donovan Mitchell (CLE) – 38 PTS/5 REB/8 AST
  • Jarrett Allen (CLE) – 14 PTS/14 REB
  • Jalen Brunson (NYK) – 27 PTS
  • Julius Randle (NYK) – 19 PTS/10 REB
  • Josh Hart (NYK) – 17 PTS/10 REB

Golden State Warriors 123-126 Sacramento Kings (SAC leads 1-0)

Closing the Saturday we had maybe the best game. At least it was one of the closest in the final score and the one with the most points. And all that to see the Kings, back to the playoffs for the first time since 2006, beating the defending champions. Check out the best individual numbers in the game.

  • De’Aaron Fox (SAC) – 38 PTS/5 AST
  • Malik Monk (SAC) – 32 PTS
  • Domantas Sabonis (SAC) – 12 PRS/16 REB
  • Stephen Curry (GSW) – 30 PTS/6 REB
  • Klay Thompson (GSW) – 21 PTS/6 REB/5 AST

Sunday, April 16

Los Angeles Lakers 128-112 Memphis Grizzlies (LAL leads 1-0)

The Memphis Grizzlies had a tough day. Not just for the loss, at home, but also because Ja Morant left the game with a hand injury and is most likely going to miss one or two games in the series. And now with the Lakers ahead, the Grizzlies are facing the risk of elimination. Let’s see the best performances.

  • Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM) – 31 PTS/5 REB
  • Desmond Bane (MEM) – 22 PTS/5 REB/6 AST
  • Rui Hachimura (LAL) – 29 PTS/6 REB
  • Austin Reaves (LAL) – 23 PTS
  • Anthony Davis (LAL) – 22 PTS/12 REB
  • LeBron James (LAL) – 21 PTS/11 REB/5 AST

Miami Heat 130-117 Milwaukee Bucks (MIA leads 1-0)

By far this was the most surprising result. First because the Heat scored 130 points, something really unusual for them. And second, because they beat the best team in the league, playing as visitors. The downside of the game was Giannis Antetokounmpo and Tyler Herro’s injuries. Time for the best performances.

  • Jimmy Butler (MIA) – 35 PTS/5 REB/11 AST
  • Bam Adebayo (MIA) – 22 PTS/9 REB/7 AST
  • Khris Middleton (MIL) – 33 PTS/9 REB
  • Bobby Portis (MIL) – 21 PTS/8 REB
  • Jrue Holiday (MIL) – 16 PTS/7 REB/16 AST

Los Angeles Clippers 115-110 Phoenix Suns (LAC leads 1-0)

Sunday was the day of the visitors. This was the third win by a team playing away. And what a win by the Clippers playing versus the favourite team to win the Western Conference according to the bookies. Check out who had the best performances.

  • Kawhi Leonard (LAC) – 38 PTS/5 REB/5 AST
  • Eric Gordon (LAC) – 19 PTS
  • Ivica Zubac (LAC) – 12 PTS/15 REB
  • Russell Westbrook (LAC) – 9 PTS/10 REB/8 AST
  • Kevin Durant (PHX) – 27 PTS/9 REB/11 AST
  • Devin Booker (PHX) – 26 PTS
  • Chris Paul (PHX) – 7 PTS/11 REB/10 AST

Minnesota Timberwolves 80-109 Denver Nuggets (DEN leads 1-0)

Closing our review we had the Nuggets starting the series with the advantage. The Timberwolves were by far the worst team of the weekend, missing everything they tried. And, of course, for the last time in this post, check out the best performances in the game.

  • Jamal Murray (DEN) – 24 PTS/8 REB/8 AST
  • Michael Porter Jr. (DEN) – 18 PTS/11 REB
  • Nikola Jokić (DEN) – 13 PTS/14 REB/6 AST
  • Anthony Edwards (MIN) – 18 PTS/5 AST
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) – 11 PTS/10 REB
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