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With less than a month left in the regular season we already have two teams clinched and three eliminated

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The NBA is getting close to its end. Most teams have already played an average of 70 games, which means that they have a little bit more than 10 games left each. And the play-in tournament starts officially on April 11th, which means that we have less than a month left in the regular season. With that said, ThePicks is bringing for the first time this season the NBA Playoff Picture.

Let’s see now the chances of each team to make the playoffs, the play-in tournament or even those who are already out. So far in the season, we have two teams confirmed in the playoffs and three teams already eliminated from any chances. Check it out now.

Playoffs clinched

Only two teams are guaranteed in the playoffs as they already clinched their playoff berth. With a 50-20 record, the best in the league so far, the Milwaukee Bucks, East leaders are the first one. And after yesterday’s win over the Detroit Pistons by 119-100, the Denver Nuggets, West leaders, clinched their spot with a 47-23 record at this point.


At this point, we have only three teams in the league with 50+ losses in the season. And they are all officially eliminated from the playoff contention. In the West, we have the San Antonio Spurs (18-51) and the Houston Rockets (17-52), while in the East we have the worst team in the league, the Detroit Pistons (16-55). They can start thinking about the draft already.


Besides the two teams already in the playoffs, we have five other teams with more than 99% of chances to clinch their spots. They are:

  • Boston Celtics
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Cleveland Cavaliers

After those, we have other three teams with over 90% chances:

  • New York Knicks (99%)
  • Brooklyn Nets (97%)
  • Phoenix Suns (96%)

We also have another 11 teams who are still in control of their own destiny, which means that even though it can be really difficult if they win they will make it. And to wrap up our first NBA Playoff Picture of the season we have six teams with serious problems making it to the playoffs. Neither of them control their fate and all rely on other teams losing specific games:

  • Washington Wizards (19%)
  • Indiana Pacers (12%)
  • Chicago Bulls (11%)
  • Portland Trail Blazers (5%)
  • Orlando Magic (<1%)
  • Charlotte Hornets (<1%)
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