NBA Playoff Picture – Friday

Let’s see our last playoff picture of the season; next time we talk about it we will already know who qualified

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It is time for the last Playoff Picture of the NBA 2022-23 as we are in the last Friday of the regular season. After tonight’s slate, we will only have the weekend left. And after Sunday, we will know the 20 teams in the postseason. So, let’s check out for the last time who still has a chance of what in each conference.


As it has been since last weekend, we already have five teams eliminated from the postseason in the East. Here, the only thing yet to be determined is the last playoff spot. The Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat are fighting for it and the team losing this direct dispute will have to go to the Play-In tournament.

With two games left, the Nets are in advantage here. A win tonight set the playoff and play-in bracket in the East. For the Miami Heat things are a bit more complicated. They have to win both games (tonight and on Sunday) and Brooklyn must lose their last two games. These are the chances for each team to qualify directly to the playoffs:


Only one thing changed since yesterday in the West. The Utah Jazz was eliminated from play-in contention. This means that now we have only seven teams still fighting for the playoff and play-in contention now. And only one more team is yet to be knocked out. Check out the updated table of chances for each team with two games left for most of them.

TeamChance of PlayoffChance of Play-InRisk of elimination
LA Clippers (42-38)76.0%24.0%
GS Warriors (42-38)67.0%33.0%
LA Lakers (41-39)21.2%78.8%
NO Pelicans (41-39)30.5%69.5%
MIN Timberwolves (40-40)5.3%94.7%
OKC Thunder (39-42)77.2%22.8%
DAL Mavericks (38-42)22.8%77.2%


If the season ended today (7), this would be the bracket for the offseason, including the Play-In tournament and the Playoffs.